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One of the weaker episodes, 25 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Getting to the killer was good as always. Unfortunately he's a very disturbed and creepy individual who preys on women. That really turns the stomach, yet there are people like that out there. But I know that and so I admit I don't find episodes like this my favorites. But this episode was weaker for two other reasons.

First, a Christian says he reserving sex for marriage. David says no way and later we find the guy has a room *packed* with carefully displayed BSDM gear. Yes Hollywood, there are many well-adjusted men of faith who wait for marriage and aren't perverts. Sheesh.

The second is a set of dream sequences where Charlie is learning about his mother. When his dad starts to dream about her too it just doesn't work very well. There must have been a better way to get at the back story of his mother.

You can't win them all and this episode loses in my book.

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So close, but not there, 10 April 2009

With such effusive love offered for this movie here I feel out of place. But I don't think this is as good as Batman Begins. It's a good movie, no question. But I found it plodding more than once--the pacing just didn't work for me--and it stretched credulity too often.

Batman Begins never lost that sense of credibility for me, but this one does. I expect to have to suspend disbelief for this genre of movie, don't get me wrong. But not this far. Batman Begins' pacing kept me better engaged as well.

Nevertheless there was a lot to like here. The plot was solid, it advanced the characters and mythology of Batman well, there were inventive stunts and plot twists. There was plenty of good butt-kicking, the acting was superlative, and the new technology was great.

It's a solid action film movie, just not one of the greatest ever.

Some example of the issues I have follow, but they have some spoilers so I saved them for the end.

(*Spoilers*) The way the Gotham citizens immediately decided that made an anarchist's demands were Batman's fault didn't wash either. I think the plot could have been stronger there. The make-up on Two Face was ridiculous. A burn that eats away most of his cheek and he's up and about within no time at all? Yes it looked a bit cool, but there's no way he'd survive it or could live that way if he did.

(*Spoilers*) Then you have the Joker who seems to be able to plot excessive mayhem without anyone so much as noticing. "Let's plant 500 lbs of C4 all over a hospital. Heck, no one will notice!" Cell phones can't be triangulated in this movie. A guy with a reputation for randomly shooting henchman can get an endless supply of them. And it goes on.

I still liked the movie, but there are plot holes that I just can't paper over and the movie was too long so I can't give it the 10 that so many are giving it here.

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One of the better episodes, 25 October 2008

Friday and Jacobs are called to the apartment of a man who claims his wife killed herself. However, the crime scene and the neighbors suggest murder.

This is a really good episode because of the way the boys and the crime lab worked together to solve the case. It looked simple on the surface, but became more complicated as time went on.

All of these episodes focus on minutia and the mundane aspects of police work, but that actually adds to the realism and keeps your attention as you wonder if that particular detail mattered.

I found this episode and others on Recommended.