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C.H.U.D. (1984)
The best B horror movie of the 1984!
13 January 1999
This movie is a perfect blend of bad writing and a cheesy plot. Somehow, the acting was decent and they managed to scrounge up Daniel Stern and John Heard (both of which who were in respectable movies before this). There was also a cameo role from John Goodman. It was a great movie. It is like a bad dream come true, and you can't really admit to liking this, but admit it, you do! You cannot go wrong with people living in the subway and monsters eating people left and right because of a toxic sewage problem under New York.
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The 2nd best ending in cinematic history
13 January 1999
When I first picked up the box cover of Sleepaway Camp, I said to myself, "Just another stupid slasher film with a camp setting." Yes, it was another stupid slasher film with a camp setting. It was the best damn slasher film with a camp setting of all time. It provided a simple story with sexy teenagers from the early 80s innocently attending a Christian sleepaway camp. It was really good. The acting and writing alone could not make the movie good though, it was the ending. It had the best movie ending in cinematic history (until I saw Multiple Maniacs). I will not reveal the specifics, but I will urge you to rent the movie and see for yourself, because it is one of the most surprising and shocking endings ever conceived. You will not be disappointed.
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Santa sangre (1989)
The best horror movie ever made!!!
28 December 1998
Santa Sangre is my favorite horror movie. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and Alejandro Jodorowsky really created something special with this movie. It is a perfect mix of Fellini and Freudian symbolism that should arouse the interest in most. Santa Sangre boldly created something new and different, without following the horror movie template used and over-used since the 70s. It is a great experience in the culture of these people and a love story that will live true.
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