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Write & Wrong (2007) (TV)
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Cute, 5 June 2007

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I love Kirstie Alley...always have always will. But this is not one of my favorites. She is as funny as all get out, as usual. But it just didn't for it for me. I did like the idea though......a screen writer is suddenly too old to write for her studio so she enlists the help of her young nephew. She keeps writing and he poses as the writer and puts his name on her work. I couldn't help but think it was based on her own she keeps saying in the movie "Write what you know". I felt it was a slight variation on the fact that the industry turned on her, Kirstie, when she became fat. It didn't matter how good she was....she was fat. So she had to make her own show, "Fat Actress". As you watch this movie, see if you don't pick up on that. The movie ended rather abruptly, but in general it was cute. Glad to see you "working" again Kirstie.

To Be Fat Like Me (2007) (TV)
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Pretty good...I expected better though., 10 January 2007

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This movie had my interest from the first time I saw the commercial for it. I thought it had a few good actresses I was familiar with as well as some people I had never heard of. A good mix. And that remained true. The characters all intermingled well. The story held my interest, so it is a good movie to see. I just thought it would be better and I don't really know in what way. But it is worth watching. Alert, the following is a spoiler.........I was a little disappointed with the ending. Aly asks her boyfriend if he would stay with her if she were really to balloon up and he says no. While that may be honest, it's sad...mostly because it's not like he had not already known her. Maybe if the were strangers he would not be attracted to her, but the whole point of the experiment was to change her size, not herself. I guess he failed the experiment. However, she didn't see it like that and stayed with him. I kinda thought she was being a hypocrite doing this experiment, then staying with a guy who in my eyes failed the test.

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Terrible......, 29 December 2006

WOW!!! Thankfully I only paid $5.50 for this movie at Wal-Mart. It looked like something I would like...boy was I wrong. The only thing more bizarre than this movie was why I watched it all the way through. I guess I figured that I did pay for it and I should watch it all the way through if I was going to comment on it. As the movie began I was already regretting my decision to buy it and I almost pulled it out and put in another movie. I hoped it would get better as it progressed...but it didn't. It was poorly written, if you could call it that. And the guy's voice narrating it was really creepy. I honestly don't know what Mel Gibson was thinking agreeing to do this piece of crap.

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I like it....., 19 September 2006

Then again, I like Rachael Ray. She is fun, sweet, fresh, and such a joy to watch. I have to alter just about everything she makes as I am a vegetarian...but it's great to see her with a program that shows more of her personality. After all, she is a television personality. I think it's cool that she is so inviting with her fans and still appears to be down-to-earth. The studio audience appears to be rather small, but that just makes for a cozier environment. Some people have posted that the show sucks. I guess it depends on your own interpretation of it and of her. If you notice the early episodes of 30 Minute Meals you will see a completely different personality than in those of the past few years. I'm sure she will find her comfort zone with this show as well. Good luck Rachael!

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Best show on TV !!!, 9 May 2006

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This is an awesome show. Fantastic writing that is a little complicated...but that just makes seeing the repeats even better. This truly is my favorite show on television. I have been a fan since I first saw the commercial for the pilot in 2004. Kristen Bell never fails to deliver outstanding performance after outstanding performance. Can't believe she was asked to sing at the Emmys but was not nominated for one. If she wasn't a lock last year, she has to be this year. Kristen and Jason Dohring (Logan) have such amazing chemistry. Too bad we only get to see them as a couple at the end of the seasons. But at least that makes for a happy summer. Bravo to the creator/writers of this classic show. I know it is a fave with the critics, let's hope it get the viewers it needs to stay on the air. UPN or CW...if you are reading this PLEASE renew this show for several more seasons!!!

Old School (2003)
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STUPID!!!, 21 February 2003

Don't waste your time. What a waste of $9.50. I had been looking forward to this movie, but it is not funny at all. This movie is really lacking a storyline and so much is left incomplete. Beware! Spare yourself the disappointment.

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Shame it had to end!, 17 July 2002

It was a really good show and I miss it. It's really too bad that good shows like this end up on the short end of the stick while crap remains on the air. I guess reality show will take over every channel and we will have to watch cable reruns to see good old sitcoms and dramas.

Pretty good!, 8 April 2002

Not Ashley's best, but that's not her fault. The story wasn't the best...but fairly good. And anything Ashley's in is worth seeing! The chemistry between she and Morgan Freeman is terrific. Amanda Peet is great too. I give it an 8.

AWESOME!!!!!, 29 December 2001

Yes, it is cheesy....but that's good to see in this day and age. There are way too many violent dramas out there. I grew up in the 80's and it was such a delight to be reminded of all the great teen movies of the 80s. I cried because I was laughing so much. I loved it, and if you just want to sit back and laugh and remember lots of other great movies then check this out.

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HILARIOUS, 18 July 2001

This has got to be one of the funniest shows to come along in a long time. Just when it seemed like there were no more traces of good 80's-esque comes another. There are very few good shows on nowadays. This is a great one in an era of too many "reality-shows". Yet this could be some peoples' reality. Don't miss this one! Megyn Price is terrific....what a find!

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