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A disgrace to "The Day Of Infamy", 30 May 2001

This is simply put, one more sad situation in which today's younger folk will come away with an extremely inaccurate and poorly displayed version of "The Day Which Will Live In Infamy". In an attempt to draw the young ladies, Bay fashions an ugly romantic triangle with not a wit of chemistry between Affleck, Hartnett & Beckinsale. The Pearl Harbor attack when it finally comes well into the film (with kids playing ball at 7:53 A.M.???) is so sterilized that it gives little credence to the horror suffered that day as amputated limbs piled up like cordwood at the local hospitals. The third act is added only to resolve the romantic entanglement and is so historically inaccurate that it would bring tears to my late friend, the heroic (then Colonel) General James Doolittle. There is nothing in this film to justify my investment of money, and more importantly a valuable three hours in which I could have done something constructive.

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The Hell of War, 20 March 2001

I was stationed in the military not many years after WWII; I had the chance to visit the major cities of the then Soviet Union, and this film is a very accurate portrayal of what I've been told by the survivors. We so easily dismiss the Russians, but more (by far) died at Stalingrad than all Yank soldiers in the whole of WWII. This films easily portrays the scope of the major battles moreso than any predecessor including "Saving Private Ryan". It should not be missed by anyone with any feeling for history and why we've survived until this day.

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Biggest disappointment since Random Hearts (Possible Spoiler), 18 April 2000

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The premise is insightful and risk-taking....Jenna Elfman displays her marvelous talent, Edward Norton is our finest, and most intelligent young actor. But after a marvelous first hour,the film left me feeling cheated. Guilty: I allowed my personal emotions influence me....deceit and lies have made me suspicious of relationships, and most uncomfortable during the last hour, the premise may have been a bit strained BUT more than anything else, I didn't feel any chemistry between Jenna and Ben Stiller. Their interaction seemed more about lust than love, and this tipped the scale for me.

Best film of this year, and more, 23 March 2000

The marvelous interaction of Julia Roberts, as the flamboyant real-life Erin Brockovich....and Albert Finney as her foil in the role of her boss, great story-telling and direction by Soderbergh, this is a must-see. It is the first film in years that as the story ended and the credits began to roll, the large audience gave it a Standing Ovation!

Magnolia (1999)
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Will you LOVE it...or HATE it?, 10 January 2000

Most of the viewer's comments are almost as long as the film, so I'll make this brief! I don't know whether or not this is brilliant film-making or a scatalogical will likely take me a year to decide for myself. But before you decide to see Magnolia, please review both Roger Ebert's & James Berardinelli's reviews to see if this is a worthwhile three hour investment for your viewing pleasures. These two esteemed critics see the film in a vastly different light.

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A lovely elegy, 24 December 1999

A lovely elegy from a daughter to her fifty-year old father dying of AID's. Every father should have a daughter as devoted to, and caring of the memory of the father she is losing. I just wish Nicole Betancourt could have found peace at his loss.

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Altman does quirky best, 16 April 1999

Local Sheriff Ned Beatty plays scrabble with suspect Charles Dutton while out-of-town Chief Investigator Courtney Vance is perplexed to say the least. But what you want to know is: the theater audience is laughing so hard, you'll miss some dialogue, and Close and Moore are perfection. This is an absolute must-see and wonderful entertainment from start to finish....oh, I want more!

Sandra Bullock rolls the dice, 24 March 1999

Our beloved Sandy has made a career of playing goody two-shoes characters; she takes a huge leap with her portrayal of a badly wounded lady who hides her pain with off-the-wall behavior. My kudos to her for bringing the role to life. Ben Affleck is great as the straight-laced guy uncertain of his committment to Maura Tierney. It's a great date movie with an ending that might be surprising, but it was perfect to my mind. Forget those critics with the "no-chemistry" meandering story.