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Who knows how much is true?, 7 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is directed by Joe Berlinger, who directed the Paradise Lost films - three films where he sides with the convicted and leaves out TONS of stuff that might have viewers question if the jury may have actually convicted the right people. He lies in those documentaries so how can we trust anything else he presents in any other documentaries.

In this one, the gist of the doc is that Bulger wasn't really an informant, like the FBI claims (which really had zero to do with his trials). Now some things are presented that may indeed show Bulger was not an informant but we don't' know - Berlinger clearly sides with murderers so who knows how much he's leaving out? On the plus side, Bulger is a despicable individual. He doesn't care he's known as a murderer or anything else - he just does not want to be known as a rat. Despite what this documentary tries to present, he is. And that's good. The guy went to his grave knowing the public thought of his as an FBI informant and that hurt him bad. So that's a good thing.

I take any Berlinger documentary with a grain of salt. I'd like to see an honest filmmaker do a documentary on Bulger at some point.

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Rehash of the first but done better, 18 September 2014

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This is basically a remake of the first film, this time set in India, rather than Africa. But it's two people who must cross a large desert area filled with the walking dead to find someone. The actors are better in this version and there is a lot more shock value and gore. There are a couple WTF scenes in this one (the mom and daughter stuck in the car, just be prepared for that one and the dad who takes the bike to find his kids - yeah, he finds them all right).

The zombies in these films venture more into Fulci territory than Romero, however the gore in this one is straight out of Dawn of the Dead (the original). Be warned, anytime a door is opened, there will be zombies. Any time they attempt to start a vehicle, it won't start up right away (we get these clichés throughout, but they're still effective). And the lead has a gun that apparently has an unlimited amount of bullets.

Overall a good addition to the genre. I foresee Dead 3 in either China or Russia where a displaced American travels across a desert with a local to find (a. his daughter b. his mom c. his dad d. his dog).

Draft Day (2014/I)
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Okay - but not great like everyone says, 5 September 2014

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This is a very predictable movie. It's all laid out for you within the first 15 minutes. You pretty much know what's going to happen. And it's terribly cast. Jennifer Garner should be playing Kevin Costner's daughter, not his girlfriend. At no point in this or any other dimension do you buy Denis Leary as an NFL head coach. NFL coaches are all former players of some sort - whether it's just in college or the pros, they all have a very detailed background. You don't buy pipsqueak Leary played ping pong, let alone football. And Costner, who is always likable but a supremely average actor, delivers some lines pretty poorly here - but overall is cast well in the part.

It's just a predictable movie. We're introduced to the guys who want and should be playing for the Browns and you know somehow they will be. I just find it hard to believe someone would not want the best quarterback in football because he has no friends. "I have a hunch about him" says Costner. Pretty lame.

Now Costner has done baseball, football and golf. Let's see him do a basketball movie.

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Great documentary that will make you smile, 26 May 2014

I'm not the biggest Whoopie Goldberg fan but she did a fine job here and nice tribute to a comic not a lot of America has heard of. Moms Mabley was an elderly lady who had been working the "Chitlin circuit" since the 1920s. Finally in the 60s with the popularity of television, was seen by mainstream America. An innovator, she was one of the first women comics and first great black comics. This was a very respectful and well done tribute to Moms - I have no doubt had she been able to see it, would have beamed with pride. Folks like Areseno Hall, Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby all talk about listening to her albums and what an influence she was.

I would love for more people to see this and recognize Mom's place in American comedy history. Good job, Whoopie. There's a great film in there, I hope someone recognizes it.

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A classic, 26 May 2014

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This isn't an 8 episode television show - it's an 8 hour movie. It's firing on all cylinders; a perfect storm of superb acting, directing, writing and editing. The concept is great and the two leads are excellent.

As it shifts back and forth in time, what they say and what really happened are different things a lot of the time which gives this show its charm. These are two complex characters who you pull for.

I think this is the best written TV show since the Wire and my only complaint was that it ended. I loved every episode. I find the show reminiscent of the movie Seven in a lot of ways. This one will be known as a classic in years to come.

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One of the unfunniest shows I've ever seen, 19 May 2014

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I've made my living as a stand up most of my adult life and met and watched Mooney in the early 90s in San Francisco. I only remember him as terribly unfunny off and on stage and really angry. Having just read a book on Richard Pryor and seeing that Mooney was a close friend, I thought I should give Mooney another look and found this show.

It was beyond awful. There is nary a funny line, joke, or observation. It reminded me of open mikes - where people who want to break into comedy get on stage and do 5 minutes - 99% of the time the new folks don't have anything funny yet. This was an hour of that, although I admit I only made it to about 35 minutes before I couldn't take it.

He's saying things and the crowd is going crazy. At first I thought it was creative editing because I assure you, he's isn't saying anything remotely funny. There are no punchlines or anything clever. "White people didn't care about Lincoln, they only put him on a penny." Um, okay (that was the only setup-punchline of the night by the way). Upon further viewing of the crowd, you do see sprinklings of people just sitting there (in between the people laughing their butts off) who were clearly as bored there in person as I was trying to watch this.

He makes up lots of crap like who's playing who in movies just so he can rip them, because clearly this guy hates white people. Now I'm white and I've never done anything to anyone. I never think of people by the color of their skin. Good thing this guy is around to set racism back 30 years. Everything is about how white people hate black people and want to put them down. It's amazing that people are laughing at this. Yes, there is racism. But this is a guy who says "black men, be proud of going to jail." Really? It's incredible how unfunny thing really is. And it's how I remember him from 20 years ago. And now you can see why this guy, who's been around for 50 years, never was a big star. He isn't funny. I was thinking how many of the people in the audience who was laughing their butts off went to work the next day and tried to relay what Mooney was saying to their friends and realized it wasn't remotely funny.

In the opening you see him on a radio show and they're listing all these amazing credits he has, all these TV shows he's written for - SNL, Richard Pryor show, Good Times, etc. He wrote ONE episode of SNL - when Pryor was on. No other before or since. The Richard Pryor show was SIX episodes, four aired. Outside Sanford and Son which he was a writer for, there are no other sitcoms listed in his IMDb page (nor did it mention any in the book I read). More exaggeration.

But when he started doing his observations (I just say observations because he's not doing material - material would be funny) on the OJ trial - I finally stopped. He's dead wrong about everything and this is a man on stage talking to many people ("Nicole was whore who was a drug addict and the guy who went over there, what was his name? He was delivering drugs - this was just a drug deal gone wrong" - Um, no, read a book, moron). I couldn't take it any more.

In the end, Mooney is a guy 99% of the general public has never heard of. And if you ask why, it's two reasons: 1. people don't want to hear about how racist they are. They don't want to some guy stuck in the 50s talking about terrible whitey putting down black people and 2. He ain't funny. For a guy who's been doing it for as long as he has, you'd think he'd have some funny stuff. Wasn't remotely funny in any shape or form.

This is a guy who never made it big who gets gigs like this simply because he's been around a long time. And don't get me wrong. I want him to be funny. I would sit through an hour of how racist the world is if there were actual funny observations or jokes. There weren't any.

Well done doc about the king, 2 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Beautifully done documentary on Johnny Carson. There are some laugh out loud moments - makes you want to rent some Carson DVDs. This covers the life of Johnny from his beginnings during television's beginnings to his rise as the king of late night TV - a mantle many have tried to claim or just get a piece of but none have succeeded. The best part is hearing other comics talk in glowing praise of Johnny - how no one could ever be as good as him - and the feeling of appearing on the Tonight Show for the first time. Drew Carey breaking up as he talks about getting the nod to come to the chair after his first set was really great. Letterman's praise is spot on too as is Seinfeld's. They are great in their own right but know, Carson is king and will never be dethroned, even after his passing. A great documentary for fans of Carson, comedy or just documentaries in general.

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Pretentious and contrived, 28 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You'd think with such a good cast and director this could have been better but it's the script that stinks to high heaven. At the beginning when the two girls start the movie with a joke, carrying pizza boxes upstairs to an apartment, all I could think was "please don't let there be guns in those boxes" and sure enough, boom boom. After Pulp Fiction came out we saw a plethora of these Tarantino wannabes come out to the point of extreme and this one is no different - except more annoying. Two assassins tell a story or joke on their way to an assignment. Wow, we've never seen that before. I thought we were done with these stupid movies. This one, the assassins are two young girls. They play patty cake. Isn't that cute? PATTY CAKE.

The third time they start playing patty cake I just about turned it off but wanted to give it one more chance - after all Mike Gandolfini is in it. But when one of the girls convinces four assassins to holster their guns with the stupidest piece of dialog I've seen in a long time in a movie with actual stars, I stopped there. This movie thinks it's great and cool but it's just pretentious and really contrived and I hated it passionately. I'm even more baffled that other people thought it was great, after reading some of the reviews here. I guess if you just have a movie with shooting in it, people will fall for it. I can't think of any other reason.

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Very funny show with two talented guys, 7 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm baffled at the comparisons to Dave Chappelle. All the Chappelle skits were "what if black people did this..." or "here's a black person in this odd situation..." This show is ten times better.

Although the two stars are black, it's hardly a "black show." It covers all demographics. The skits are incredibly well produced - basically little short films. They're directed like theatrical movies. The cinematography is pretty good. They always have apt music. But the strength of the show is the fact Key and Peele are both extremely talented. This show wouldn't have worked if one or both were average actors. They're both excellent actors with wide ranges and superb comic timing.

Some of the skits are laugh out loud funny ("East West College Bowl" - "Who erased the browsing history" to name a couple). The skits that don't work so well are not because the writing is bad; the writing is good. It's usually the premise isn't strong (You could see the gag in "mobster surprise party" a mile away - then it goes on and on). But strong skits far outweigh the weak ones.

The show's only weakness is the stand up they do in between the skits in front of a live audience. It's actually not bad most of the time but stand up doesn't work in 2 minute increments. The show would probably be stronger without the audience just having K&P just introduce the skits.

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Great monsters ruined by awful concept, 16 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a total waste of great monsters. The creature/robots in this thing were so well done. Unfortunately it's another "found footage" movie, and even worse, somehow the guy in WWII has a "film" (looks like HD amazingly) camera with sound. And in color to boot. Looks like part of the film they totally forgot it was supposed to be film and didn't bother with the grain or over exposures and just let the HD run. Why there is synced sound is never explained. Possibly there was a sound guy running next to the camera man the whole time they didn't mention.

Why we're still doing the "found footage" concept for movies today is a mystery - this idea has long worn itself out. Even worse, the idea doesn't work when it's supposed to be film, rather than video. This was a movie that had a budget too. Why waste it on a stupid idea? The monsters were so great. I just feel like they were completely wasted.

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