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Beautifully made, left me queezy, 1 January 2000

Allright.....granted, this was a beautiful production with great acting, excellent directing and production. But I don't know, maybe I really missed it...for me, this film does not have a protagonist that I really identify with and am pulling for during the movie. The hows and whys Mr. Ripley is such a con man are barely touched and even so...most of the movie I was anxiously watching him sink deeper in his lies and wondering when and how he would get caught...which, if this is the moral of the story, I can certainly accept that. I guess it would have been a better ride if maybe I cared about the guy more instead of repulsed by his out of control behavior.

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My favorite, 27 December 1998

A classic combination of sport, family, fantasy, faith, reconciliation, and redemption, all set in the heartland combine to put this film at #1 on the all-time list for me. I know, I know,...what about Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, The Godfather? You're telling us that Field of Dreams ranks higher? I saw Field of Dreams on Father's Day following its release, having no clue how the issue of father-son relationships would be addressed in the film. By the time the closing credits were rolling, this film had left a lasting impression because I could identify with so many of the themes in the film. The acting is fine/adequate, and as a whole this film may not compare to the "greats" I've previously mentioned. But it delivered in a powerful way with things I can relate to and treasure. I'd appreciate any comments and strongly recommend it to those who haven't seen it. Thank you.

fun, entertaining, RELATIONSHIPS!!!, 27 December 1998

It's always nice to see a movie allow opportunity for the characters to develop and build relationships with each other. This one doesn't try to force any issues and allows us to hang in there long enough to see Tom and Meg work through some conflicts, etc. in time to find out what is real and what is meaningful. It doesn't opt for any quick fixes or easy escapes but take the problems that come up head on. Cute and entertaining--great date flick. I give it a 7.