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"River" (2015)
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River and Stellan rocks, 10 December 2015

It took me the first ten minutes to love this series. Can't boost it more than that. I don't know when that song, 'I love to love' came out. I can't get it out of my head and have added it to my Amazon Prime library. I play it constantly on You Tube. The cast is full of great actors. The editing and direction moves the action right along. I watched all six episodes but I don't see how they can be a series 2 because this completed the story. Nicola Walker will always be Stevie to me. Before that I knew her as Ruth on MI-5. Great actress. This should have been nominated for a Golden Globe award. For those who think this is like the 6th Sense, "I see Dead People", it's not. What River sees are not dead people but figments of his imagination and it is him who puts the words in their mouths. Very intriguing script.

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Will make you appreciate America but much, much more, 24 September 2014

What I found most interesting about this movie was learning Obama's background. Not much has ever been written about his father. Even though it is unlikely that he wrote his'Dreams' memoir, he actually believes in his father's agenda. This film explains finally why Obama does what he does. Why he sympathizers with rebels. Why to him, America is an imperialist country and must be brought down to 3rd world status. He has succeeded beyond everybody's expectation. America is a great country with very stupid and naive voters. If only the media had done the vetting that D-Souza did. we would be spared. I recommend this be taught in all public schools. Unfortunately, the academic world is filled with Marxists who hate this country as well as Michelle Obama.

Tombstone (1993)
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This movie proves Oscars are a joke, 27 June 2013

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I am not a connoisseur of westerns but whenever this is on TV, I end up watching it again and again. It is the very best western I've ever seen. Val Kilmer is the real star of the film. He was not nominated for a Best Supporting Oscar. Neither was the movie nominated. Martin Landau was just OK in Ed Wood. Val Kilmer's every line in the movie is memorable and quotable." I'm your huckleberry." "Why Johnny Ringo, you look like someone just walked over your grave." " My hypocrisy knows no bound and so much more." His death scene brings tears to my eyes and is real acting. The Oscars no longer care about talent only marketing. I no longer pay attention to them anymore.

Movie may be great but is complete fiction, 2 September 2012

We should know by now not to learn history from film and the truth is far more interesting. Number one, the battle took place during the War of 1812 and Aubrey is fighting the Americans. I mean can you imagine the French having such a superb ship, a technological wonder? No the super ship was actually the U.S.S. Constitution-Old Ironside. So why was the date and the enemy changed? Director Weir said that the producers worried that the American audience would feel funny about rooting for the British. Since the Americans were funding the movie, the French became the bad guy. It's interesting that Old Ironsides is still in great shape and is in Boston. By the way the reason the ship was so hard to sink is that it was made by live oak only found in the Americas.

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A First. A Sympathetic Republican, 15 February 2010

This is the first time Hollywood has ever presented such a compassionate, sympathetic portrayal of a Southern Christian who also happens to be a card carrying NRA member. I was blown away by Bullock's performance. I'm not a big fan of Bullock but she was absolutely great in this role. I had heard a lot of praise about this movie but felt it would be over dramatic. It wasn't. The acting was superb and if I didn't know that this was a very true story I would think that someone made it up out of a Sweet and Low. there was an unnecessary dig at Pres. Bush at a government agency. That's not surprising. After all this is Hollywood made. As long as it didn't come from Bullock's mouth it was believable. Civil servants are always Democrats.

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Another Hollywood Hogwash Remake, 17 April 2009

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Am I the only one sick and tired of politically correct propaganda movies that exploit classic films to get an audience? I would never had wasted time watching this movie if I had known that the screenplay was ghostwritten by Al Gore. The original film starring Michael Rennie was made during the Cold War when we were all frightened of nuclear proliferation. At least that was a real fear. This horrific remake has alien civilizations ready to destroy all humans because we are destroying the planet. The only way we'll be destroyed is if we go back to being cave dwellers. Electricity is bad people. Even electric cars are a no-no.Yeah right! What arrogance to think that the human race can destroy a planet billions of years old because a lamebrain non scientist like Al Bore said the planet is heating up. Listen folks, he made a fortune selling carbon credits to morons. Hollywood is full of hypocritical morons who ride around in Helicopters and jets but we're supposed to save energy.I just wish they'd stop making bad movies like this.

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Very Important American film, 3 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Who knew Eastwood could act? But more than that the script is excellent Walt Kowalski is a dying breed, a Korean War vet who grew up in a politically incorrect era. His type is dying out and we may all be the worse for it. The best line of the film is when the young Sue thanks him for being good to her brother and compares him to her traditional father. When Walt tells her that he's traditional too, she says, " But you're an American." 'Being an American is unique. We have the freedom to speak freely whether we hurt feelings or not. That kind of language mutes hate and becomes bantering. Political correctness and multiculturalism is destroying what made this country great. Bigotry and prejudice will be eliminated by exposure not legislation or sensitivity training which just makes it go underground. Basically Kowalski is still a good man, not perfect, but good and decent. I loved this movie and will own it when it comes out on DVD. bet it makes more than MILK.

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Slow but Unforgettable, 12 June 2008

This was a DVD rental that took me completely by surprise. The story of three Australians using an aborigine tracker to hunt for a aborigine man wanted for raping and killing a woman unwinds slowly as they cross the wilderness. Untimately it's about racism and the head soldier is a racist who treats the tracker like he's not human. He kills innocent natives after questioning them about the fugitive's whereabouts. It's the tracker's performance, however,that steals the film. I recognized him from the movie Walkabout when he was just a boy. Now he's a man in his fifties, playing the fool in the film but grinning knowingly at the events that challenge the hunt. Fortunately, not all the white men are portrayed as evil. I found myself thinking about this film days later. Truly remarkable film-making.

Bella (2006)
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Oh, Please, 10 November 2007

This is not an Oscar movie. Movies like this don't win Oscars. There's no naked Gwenth Palthrow or foul mouthed Julia Roberts. There's no nudity, period. Yes, it is heart warming and demonstrates good family and moral values. It also has a very positive insight into Hispanic families which is quite sweet. While it starts out slow and you know what's going to happen, the unique direction showing the future before it occurs can be somewhat disconcerting but when you finally learn who Bella is, you can't help but get a lump in your throat. But those who think there's hope for Hollywood are naive. This is an independent film from a new production company called Metanoia whose mission is to produce good family features. I wish them luck But since they couldn't even get a distributor for Bella only word of mouth will help. I wish them well

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fantastic, 7 September 2007

First of all, I am not a huge fan of westerns but this movie was absolutely captivating because of the sheer power of good acting. I think that Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are two of the finest actors today. Bale steals the movie but credit must be given to the direction which includes closeups of the actors. Great story based on Elmore Leonard short story. Good writing is the key to good movies and it is so seldom seen today. I can't imagine how Glenn Ford played the Crowe character in the original so I'll have to rent it. Right now I view this as the best movie of the year so far. I recommend it highly and hope that it signals a return of good writing to the cinema.

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