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The Medallion (2003)
How come a film like this is ever released??
4 December 2004
First, I have to tell you - I am a HUGE Jackie Chan fan. His mix of comedy and martial arts is a thrill to watch - under normal circumstances that is. Whatever made Jackie decide he wanted to do this movie I don't know, and frankly - I don't think I want to know!

The story, or what's left of it, is like a copy of "The Golden Child" from Eddie Murphys black years (pun intended). However, its even worse than Golden Child - where GC had some laughs, this one really have nothing to show. Well, to be honest, the first 10-15 minutes is not THAT bad, but apart from that it's really horrible. In the DVD commentary, the director is actually trying to tell us the plot along the way! Thats how bad this movie is.

The supposedly funny sidekick appearing with Chan, Lee Evans, is a total disaster. Don't know whatever he has been doing before, but he acts like this is a children movie. Maybe it should be.

CGI and Jackie Chan is just an awful combination. I would not touch this flick even with a virtual 3 feet pole if I were you. Fix your act, Jackie!!!
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Brilliant plot for a different kind of sci-fi movie
30 December 2000
Its been a loong time since I have seen this good a plot for a sci-fi movie. Is the world we live in real? Its kind of like a retrospective version of the matrix, putting us back into a very good version of the 1930ies.

If you like scifi, you will LOVE this one.
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Mulan (1998)
Nice, slick, Disney-design, humorous characters and delicate sound
28 December 1998
This movie lacks somewhat in story, it leaps a bit from here to there, but allover its a nice animation out of a classic story. Eddie Murphy gives the little lizard ("It's D-R-A-G-O-N to you!") an excellent voice, and he gives the movie a lot of its life, so to speak.

Also, passing along the tradition of the latest Disney animated "classics", this one is extremely well made, especially the scene where the Huns come racing down the hillside, and the music is also the now "accounted for" quality.

All in all, a very good movie, well worth seeing only to hear out the lizards comments!
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