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Gay Subtleness, 20 February 2006

I like the gay subtleness to the two lead characters. Both men ate alone in private quarters but could have eaten with others if they had waited twenty minutes. I think one was more passive than the other, but I think there's a love between the two main characters. With the new movie Brokeback Mountain showing around the world, it's still a pleasure to see gay people in old black and white movies.

This movie is outstanding and each time you watch it you will see more. Bruno talks gently to men--very gently--but extremely forceful to women, preferring to talk to men in private.

Also, if you really take notice, there's a lesbian in this movie as well--or one that could be. Clever indeed!

The Event (2003)
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Thom Fitzgerald: take a bow, 12 October 2003

Thom Fitzgerald has done a wonderful job directing this film. By twenty minutes into the movie I cared about the characters. There's nothing pretentious or annoying about this movie, however the ending shocked me totally. I was not prepared for the ending. I heard sniffles when the credits rolled and when I walked out on to the sidewalk after leaving the theatre I felt stunned. I had no idea that local actor Walter Borden was in the movie -- a definite added attraction. But I don't want to say who does a better job in acting than others as I totally believe the movie is superb just the way it is.

This is a movie I would prefer to attend alone so no one will talk to me throughout the film. Without sounding like an owl, the ending shocked the pants off me. I thought I figured it out, but was w-a-y off. Thom Fitzgerald: take a bow.

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Silly, confusing movie., 22 June 2003

It's pretty bad when you have to refer to the back of the movie box at the end of the movie to know what a movie is about. This is what happened with New Waterford Girl. (I am so disappointed in this movie I could scream.) I did enjoy the photography of Cape Breton and Mary Walsh too short of bit parts throughout the movie.

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Powerful performances by Goldie Hawn, Eileen Heckart and Edward Albert, 19 June 2003

The three main characters in this movie give powerful performances. I really enjoyed the movie and although dated (1972), the acting is real and believable. It must have been wonderful to see this movie on the big screen. Goldie Hawn is bubbly and likeable, but shows that she can be firm and cry. Eileen Heckart is bold, direct, and loves her son (Edward Albert) to the extreme. Edward Albert ties all the characters together. I found the movie touching, enjoyable, and adorable.

Cybill Shepherd sizzles as Martha Stewart, 19 May 2003

I found the movie most believable. Cybill Shepherd does an outstanding job as Martha Stewart. It shows the complexities of business, but also shows the woman behind the businesswoman. I give this movie the highest rating.

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Absolutely magnificant *** SPOILER ***, 20 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just by accident I switched on the tv and there began The Snowman. This animation contains no words except for a song. I'm 43, but many memories of when I was a young boy returned to me. The love between the snowman and the boy is believable. The film, I believe, is a half-hour masterpiece. Thank God I had the sense to record this brilliant piece of art.

The last 15 seconds of the film made me weep. The camera angles are exceptional. The ending music is unbelievably excellent -- a lone piano. This is simply the best animation I've ever watched. Thank you, Dianne Jackson.

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Poor way to spend $10.50, 25 November 2002

I liked the opening scene, the familiar James Bond music. I also loved the panoramic view at the very end of the music taken from a helicopter. Both needed no special effects. But besides that, I found the movie so boring I was thinking about the ten bucks I spent to see it. This movie would be excellent if you had the mind of a ten-year-old kid, but personally, for me, I actually laughed at the special effects and nearly hooted at the invisible car. Then I felt angry that this was going to be the highlight of the movie. Halle Berry's body looked good, I must admit that. I wanted to see the magic of Roger Moore and Sean Connery's movies -- but none did I see. I also found it insulting how M treated James Bond. He's a secret agent for years and years and she looks at him as if he's an idiot? Miranda Frost reminded me of a mild mannered Anne Robinson. John Cleese protrayal of Q was totally laughable. Madonna's cameo was crude and unnecessary. Since I paid my money (and movie theatres don't give refunds) I kept wondering why no one found it cold walking around the ice hotel and what kind of covered sheets would need to be used on the ice beds for sleeping. I enjoyed Madonna's techno-enhanced (think Cher's Believe) theme song titled Die Another Day.

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Creepy, but brilliant, 27 October 2002

The Collector is one of the best movies I've ever seen with regards to suspense. This 1965 movie sent chills down my spine several times. Terence Stamp (Freddie Clegg) is exceptional. At first the movie appears a bit silly, but horror soon steps in. Freddie Clegg collects butterflies and then he collects a woman. Literally. He keeps her locked in his basement. Definitely not for children, but this movie is a must for horror fans. I recommend it highly.

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Thom Fitzgerald is exceptional, 25 September 2002

The Hanging Garden is my favorite all-time movie. The storyline is perfect and the camera shots would have pleased Alfred Hitchcock. Thom Fitzgerald, its stunning director, ties everything together. I have watched this movie several times -- each time seeing much more.

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There's something eerie from the opening scene ..., 12 July 2002

I've seen many Columbo movies; Negative Reaction is exceptional. There's something eerie from the opening scene where Paul Galesko's [superbly played by Dick Van Dyke] wife Frances is heard through the darkroom door. Nagging, haunting.

The movie was made in 1974 with all the attitudes and charm of that period. Luckily, I taped this movie and will watch it many times to fully enjoy the actors. Dick Van Dyke is at his wits' ends once Colombo gets finished with him. That's what is so enjoyable about this fine movie.

The ending scene where Colombo sits on a desk is flawless. Of course I'm an extreme Colombo fan, but this movie reminded me somewhat of Dial M For Murder, although the plot and characters are totally and absolutely different. If there are other Colombo fans out there who have seen this particular movie, please feel free to contact me to discuss it.

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