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A Gem!, 19 September 2000

Having been a Willem Dafoe fan for several years, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see his amazing performance in this film. There were some priceless moments in which Dafoe made the art of acting appear effortless. This is pure joy for a film fan. Sarandon was superb in a role which I think was a departure for her. Still, she brought intelligence, command, and a delightful wackiness to Ann. I disliked the score so much that I basically ignored it. The presence of these two commanding actors, Dafoe and Sarandon, plus other notables in the cast, convinced me that this will be a film I'll watch again and again, if only to see Dafoe's toothy smile!

Did he or didn't he????, 8 September 2000

Don't know if Christian Bale is still considered a British actor, but he was very convincing as the narcissistic, wacko American of the 80s. The film poked fun at everything that was sacred in the 80s, from banal music to itty-bitty California cuisine to self-indulgence, and more. The director must be given credit for managing to satirize the violence -note, we didn't see that much blood, and very little if any of the actual hacking, or munching (yuk!).

At the end of the film, I was left thinking -hey, what was going on here? Did he really kill those people? Is this where the "psycho" part comes in? Was he a Ralph Bundie groupie, but imagining the murders? Hints along the way, folks, don't overlook them.

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This is a Gem!, 26 July 2000

Where can I start? I've heard/seen the title "Riders of the Purple Sage" for as long as I can remember, but never read the book, nor did I ever see any of the previous versions of this Zane Gray novel. It wasn't until I became a big Ed Harris fan that I started looking for more of his films, and ended up buying "Riders." I knew it was going to be good, but wow!, I couldn't have imagined it would be teriffic -by far the best western, and one of the best films, period, I've ever seen.

There is so much to this story. . . the two love stories of course; the hypocrisy of the "righteous", and the redeeming qualities of those who on the surface may appear to be "evil" or "bad guys"; the power of love between the most unlikely couples; and the spiritual power of love and trust, just for starters.

I don't know if the script was taken directly from the book, but the dialogue was magical in many scenes. Amy Madigan and Ed Harris were magical too, partly due to their personal relationship I'm sure, but their work together in this film was unforgetable. I couldn't help but notice how they kind of look alike! Common among some married couples.

The supporting cast was excellent, and the scenery unbelievable. This is one of the films I will be watching over and over again. It should be released in the theaters! See it.

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Enchanting, 9 June 2000

Beautiful story of a young boy's search for his "father" after his mother is accidently killed. His search takes him on several adventures leading him closer and closer to his goal. The boy, David Vermes, looking for all the world like a pre-adolescent Marlon Brando,gives a lovely performance -understated and moving. The fantasy elements were delightful and I found myself smiling with joy at the end of the film. You will too!

Tom Horn (1980)
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Curious film, 7 June 2000

Hadn't planned on viewing this video until I ended up in the Western section of my local video store and decided to give it a try. I kept trying to figure out what was going on with Steve McQueen and then realized that the film was made only six months or so before he died. He was obviously ill, and it showed although his performance didn't suffer. This was a story of consummate betrayal, and the unexplainable passiveness of Tom Horn. Horn, the tracker for hire, did his job -too well- for those who hired him. To avoid a scandal they take matters into their own hands to quell him. Why didn't they just tell him to get out of town?? Instead we have a "martyr" story. Even Linda Evans, his love interest, gives him the boot for no apparent reason. Steve McQueen was one of my favorite actors, and he is still missed.

Harlequin (1980)
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Curiously supernatural, 26 May 2000

As a long-time fan of Robert Powell, I have to say he was fantastic in this little known film, which I saw under the title "Dark Forces." The actor's ability is far under rated -why, I'll never know. This tale of a mysterious being entering the lives of a family was curiously spiritual as well as supernatural. I even found Powell quoting a line from his masterpiece "Jesus of Nazareth." There were some unanswered questions in the film, but I wasn't bothered by this. After all, the supernatural leaves a lot of gaps for us to dwell on and come up with our own conclusions.

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Beautiful!, 3 May 2000

Having seen White before I realized it was a trilogy; now I've seen Red, and can't wait to see Blue. Red. . . . ah, what a gem!

Trintignant and Jacob. . . their meeting left me uncomfortable -the tension was thick. The director gently molded their relationship from one of fear and disgust to one of compassion and friendship. Hints along the way made me think this was going to have one of those non-linear endings, a circular conclusion that makes one wonder -what the????? Not so. You are going to love this film from beginning to end!

The Damned (1969)
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A Visconti masterpiece, 1 May 2000

I had to hunt for this video, but found it quite surprisingly at my local independent video store. Having recently seen Helmut Berger in in the film Ludwig, I was curious to see him in this role which apparently was his "introduction" to film. He is an amazing actor and while there were many disturbing moments in this film he was true to his character. I saw the character of Martin as not so much "damned" but as a "fallen" being: tortured by his own inner impulses, his feelings of rejection by his mother, etc. which culminate in providing perfect figure for Nazi terror. It is a shame that Helmut Berger has not received more recognition in the US. There are so many international actors who are almost complete unknowns in the states. Sad. I love Visconti's use of dark lighting and shadows. In this film as in Ludwig it added to the already "dark" subject matter, and is a visual treat.

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Bravo!, 25 April 2000

Name of the Rose has all of the elements of a medieval mystery/thriller: a monastery perched on top of a cliff, suspicious murders, the most sinister collection of monks I've ever seen assembled -lecherous old men, some with cataract, filmy eyes; eunuch looking individuals with fat cheeks and bald heads, the "idiot" hunchback hidden away -all keepers and hoarders of knowledge making judgements and decisions in a most un-Christian like way. Laughter as a perversion? Christ never laughed?

The film's ambiance was rich, sensual, mystical, and deep, in contrast with the bleak spirituality of the monks. The relationship between Connery and Slater, his novice, was a delight to watch. The wide-eyed Slater was a breath of fresh air in an other wise stiffling, oppressive environment. Connery was at his finest. Oh, the labyrinth reminded me of an Esher painting for some reason. Enjoy!

August (1996)
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Bravo!!, 20 April 2000

Having seen A Country Life, another film based on Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, I have to say I preferred August. While both of them have taken the story to another setting and another time, I was swayed by the compelling performance of Anthony Hopkins (and perhaps his direction, too). Kate Burton was beautiful and enigmatic, and I couldn't help but see glimpses of her famous father slipping through, after just viewing Becket the night before. August had all the elements of Chekhovian drama: unfulfilled dreams, boredom, longing for an elusive future. The entire cast was magnificent, and Hopkins was amazing as usual. He brought so much to the role -the finest actor today!

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