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Journey of the mind, 8 May 2002

The blind blues musician, Paul Pena, learns of Tuvan throat-singing by listening to short-wave radio. He is entranced by these unusual sounds produced by the human voice and seeks the source of the voice he heard. His journey takes him to local record stores and, ultimately, to Tuva, a small country just north of Outer Mongolia, where he participates in the Throatsinging contest held there every three years. The actual journey there and home, in 1995, disclose some unique difficulties. However, the effort made by Pena and the fascination of and by the Tuvans comprise the real journey of Pena's mind. We learn some of the beauties of the countryside and feel the warm friendships that develop between Pena and the others who travel with him and the Tuvan people, who are living much as they have for centuries past.

Other little gems are included in this heart-warming film, gems which you should discover on your own.

I plan to show this movie to my 90-year-old mother, who corresponds with me via email.

Ikiru (1952)
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Beautiful & touching, also very clever, 18 December 1998

This film touched me in a way no other film has. Filmed in black and white and gorgeous, both in the visuals and in how the story unfolds. Behold the clever manner of gradually unfolding the story as people jog each other's memories at his funeral (an obligation for them, that gradually turns into a real eulogy). Everything is told in flashbacks: the mourners' memories unfold naturally, as people remember what the man did and struggle to comprehend why.

This film I would nominate for the golden five of the century!

I first saw it in 1956 or so at a small theater in downtown Chicago. A second viewing, years later, confirmed my initial pleasure!