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A once brilliant show thanks to Stan Zemanek, is now crap thanks to Doug Mulray!, 15 May 2002

Since Beauty and the Beast started in 1996, the show just continued to get stronger and stronger every year. 2001 was the best season. The show was hosted by Stan Zemanek, better known as 'The Beast.' Stan was opinionated, intelligent, and more importantly honest. Sure Stan was rude to the women, but he was able to give the viewers who wrote to the show the answers they needed to hear. At the same time, Stan was able to make the show funny with his sense of humour.

And then Foxtel replaced Stan with Doug Mulray. Mulray is no Beast. It gets really annoying when all the beauties laugh at him, and when he laughs at himself. The reason it's annoying is because he's not funny. And every time the beauties answer the questions, he agrees with every one of them. Though it may sound rude that Stan was always interrupting, at least he was able to say what was right or wrong with the answers.

And what the hell is with these new beauties? Hey Foxtel, why don't you bring Jan Murray back? Are you scared she'll walk all over Mulray.

In conclusion, the show is not worth watching now. The only thing that can save Beauty and the Beast is to get rid of Doug Mulray, and bring Stan back. Unless Stan returns, do not waste your time watching this now boring piece of crap.

Until he returns, catch Stan on 3AW radio station (I listen to it through the internet), or read his book The Thoughts of Chairman Stan.

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Excellent Comedy! Highly Recommended!, 3 October 1999

Hogan's Heroes is one of the greatest comedies ever made. It's been over thirty years since it was first aired, and it is till hilarious today. The story is about Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane) and his Allied Prisoners (Robert Clary, Richard Dawson, Ivan Dixon, Larry Hovis, and Kenneth Washington) prisoned in Stalag 13. Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer) and Sgt Shultz (John Banner) is running the camp, with the occasional visit from General Burkhalter (Leon Askin) and Major Hochstetter (Howard Caine), they are unaware that Hogan and his men have tunnels everywhere, with radios, and much more. Some clever one liners, and gags make this comedy worth watching. It is a bit crude to spoof a POW Camp, and the Germans, but once you watch Hogan's Heroes, you'll forget all that, and laugh yourself silly. Overall, 11/10.

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The funniest sketch comedy show ever .... actually, the best Australian show ever!, 28 September 1999

Shaun Micallef is probably the funniest comedian around at the moment. He has written and performed in so many hilarious sketches, interviews, and speeches, and he has cleverly combined them into The Micallef Programme, definitely the best Aussie show ever made. As well as Micallef being excellent, he has a strong supporting cast consisting of Francis Greenslade, Roz Hammond, and Wayne Hope. All give in fine performances, and all you can do is laugh at their comedy. But Micallef is definitely the best. He usually portrays the character of himself, which is when he is at his best. The Micallef Programme is definitely underrated, and I encourage everyone to watch it. Tune in to the ABC to watch it (Don't have to put up with commercials).

Mafia! (1998)
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The Funniest Movie Of All Time!, 7 June 1999

I cannot believe that most people are saying this film is terrible. I was unfortunate to miss Mafia at the cinema, but when I hired it out, I had tears coming out of my eyes with laughter. And I haven't done that for a long time. Mafia is hilarious. My favourite scenes are when everyone is throwing up, the scene where Lloyd Bridges starts dancing, and many more. A fantastic way for Lloyd Bridges to finish off his career. It's sad that he has passed away, but good that this hilarious movie was dedicated to him. Do not miss this movie. It's my favourite of all time. It's a lot better than crappy comedies like There's Something About Mary or The Full Monty. 11/10

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It was OK. Could have been better., 24 April 1999

Reviving a TV series after 25 years since its last season, seems like a terrific idea. That's what I liked about this Fox version of Get Smart. It was great to see Don Adams return as Max, and Barbara Feldon return as 99. David Ketchum also returns, as Agent 13. My only complaint is that Max and 99 weren't the leading characters. It was now Zach and 66. Despite being old, it still would have been better if Max and 99 were still out there chasing Kaos Agents. But this series has its moments. Some of the best material is in Wurst Enemies (Episode 6) where Bernie Kopell returns as Siegfried. It doesn't surprise me that it was Siegfried and Max who made me laugh. I think Fox should re-run it, and it should also be shown in other parts of the world. It's worth watching.

Ladybugs (1992)
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Excellent! Very Funny! Hilarious! Superb!, 24 January 1999

Rodney Dangerfield is at his best. Some excellent one liners and some excellent gags. Probably one of my favourite films. There have been a lot of films when a male has been forced to dress in drag. Some good, some bad. This one is excellent. 10 out of 10.

Get Smart, Again! (1989) (TV)
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Maxwell Smart and 99 are back in this Excellent Film!, 8 January 1999

It's 1989. Kaos is back in business. Who better to stop them, than Maxwell Smart, Agent 86. It's been 20 Years since Control was in business fighting Kaos. Max has been called back to active duty in this hilarious reunion movie of the hit TV show Get Smart. Max (Don Adams) has reactivated his team from Control, which includes his still beautiful wife Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon). Also returning is Robert Karvalas as Larrabee, Dick Gautier as Hymie, and Dave Ketchum as Agent 13. Kaos plans to take over the world with a weather machine. Bernie Kopell returns as Siegfried with his companion Shtarker (King Moody) as they lead Kaos in their plan. Though a lot of the old jokes are re-used, you will still find this movie funny. It's the series all over again and it shows that Get Smart has not lost its touch after 20 years. It is still as popular as ever. Do not skip this movie. A+++++

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Excellent Movie! The best of the series!, 7 January 1999

The Karate Kid 3 is an excellent movie, with Daniel facing the most difficult opponent he has ever come across. It is filled with plenty of karate, and is very dramatic. The best scene comes towards the end when Daniel goes to the dojo to tell his teacher that he will not compete. That's when his teacher brings out the opponent. It is a superb film. Don't let this one pass. It's better than the first two entries.

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Would you believe ... the greatest show ever made., 2 January 1999

Get Smart, is a spy spoof. The secret agent is Maxwell Smart (Don Adams), and his partner is the beautiful Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon). They work for a top secret organisation called Control and their mission is to save the world from the evil spy organisation Kaos. It is the greatest show of all time, and always will be. It is hilarious with many humorous lines and funny gags and catch phrases. The show was created in 1965, and 34 years later, it is still getting repeated in many countries all around the world. In its 5 years on air, Get Smart took seven Emmy Awards, three of them going to Don Adams, the star of the show. The show was so popular that it lead to two reunion movies, and only a few years ago, the show was revived with a spin off series. If you haven't seen Get Smart, you must see it. You'll find yourself laughing so hard, with tears pouring out of your eyes ..... and loving it! A+++++

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Should have been better. Not as good as everyone says., 31 December 1998

I saw this movie because everyone told me this was so funny and you have to see it. I saw it and I wonder, "What is so good about this?" There is nothing wrong with the cast, crew or story, but it's just the script. It consists of comedy, drama, romance, suspense. Then you see Matt Dillon trying to get the dog back alive. Is it a spoof too? You don't know what it is, as it doesn't mix well. I reckon that the movie would have been far funnier if it had been a complete spoof, similar to the Naked Gun and Hot Shot movies. Overall, I'd give this movie a miss, but if you are desperate to see it, you'll be in for a surprise. It's not like what everybody says it to be.

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