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fine movie, 10 February 1999

Since making Children of Nature he not made anything worthwhile, so he has passed his peak. He's made about 4-5 very bad films since nearly winning an oscar for this average but entertaining film. And he never really made anything good before this. It's a shame that he runs the Icelandic film industry single handedly.

Excellent piece of s***, 13 December 1998

Johann Sigmarsson the director of this film is Iceland's answer to Roger Corman, he churns out brilliant s*** like this at the click of his finger. This is his masterpiece, horrible acted and with no plot whatsoever. It's shot on left-over film stock and it took him 2 years to complete, something that should take other less talented directors a weekend to shoot. It's about a guy that gets five girls pregnant and they all have his babies at the same time, while his dog is also having puppies. Brilliant. Everybody that acts in this film is well underrated and deservedly so.