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Wow! An excellent action film with a female lead., 1 September 2001

This film is great from the first moment. I love James Belushi as a baddie. There are so many time travel films out there and this one is a stand out. Cinematography is beautiful. This film deserved to be shown on the big screen. If you are looking for a good film at the video story, Retroactive is an excellent rental title. No one will be disappointed.

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It's a fantastic roller-coaster ride! A must see!, 1 September 2001

Excellent entertainment! This film takes off like a roller-coaster and doesn't let up until it's over. Its fast-pace editing and cool blue tones make this film visually unique. Katherine Lang is one to watch! If you like thrillers, don't miss this one!

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A real family action film - that is good, too!, 1 September 2001

Kudos to ABC and Disney for making an MOW look like a real film. Can't believe this story wasn't told sooner. Hope it becomes a series. I could watch Robin Hood's daughter and the middle-aged merry men every week. Performances were strong. The actress who played Gwyn is beautiful and should have a long career. Way to go ABC!

Southpaw (1999)
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Uplifting and honest, 18 September 1999

Francis Barrett is one Olympian I will look forward to watching in Sydney next year. This look at his career and journey from a trailer park community in the hills of Galway to carrying the Irish flag at the Atlanta games was enjoyable mainly to the unpretentious charisma of Barrett. You genuinely root for him to succeed as he never forgets his family, friends and where he came from. Shame on his countrymen who look down at him and his community.

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Excellent performances, great direction, 1 March 1999

This film is notable for the acting performances (especially Joaquin Phoenix in the starring role) obtained by a fine director, Pat O'Connor. O'Connor may be more comfortable with Irish subject matter but does an excellent job capturing the 50's in middle America. The story is well-told, and the relationship of the two brothers (Phoenix and Billy Crudup) stands out. We need more films like this!