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Cord (2000) (V)
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What a shame!, 3 September 2000

In the first hour of this movie I was absolutely convinced, that this was going to be one of my favorite movies... I think they should have ended the movie after 1:10, as there is a natural end in the story. But 1:10 is not much, so they just continued - which is REALLY a shame. The story is really good until that point, but it makes a unbelievable stupid twist. The acting is good - really good! I think that Jennifer Tilly could have made to the Oscar's if this movie was on a larger budget. After the first hour, my vote would have been 9/10. After the end, my vote is 6/10.

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Scary? Yes.... but a terrible story!, 11 August 2000

I didn't really expect anything of this movie, as I don't really care for ghost stories. But it was much worse than expected... One of my favourite movies is Scream. Scream was (for me) perhaps the scariest movie I've ever seen (the first time not the 30.) The Haunting doesn't come close to Scream - but it has its scary moment. The acting is pretty good, but not more. It is obvious that it is the special effects that must carry The Haunting all the way as in one of Jan de Bont's (director) previous movies Twister. I expected a thin story, but instead I got a non-existing! It is totally crap - the main characters just runs around in a house that attacks them - with a very thin background story of the previous owner who beat up some kids.... The Haunting might be a good movie if you're only out to get scary, but I think it s....! Voted 3/10

Anaconda (1997)
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Stupid, stupid, stupid....., 1 July 2000

I must admit, I did NOT look forward to seeing this movie, but two of my friends insisted on renting it, and so I agreed - but they made a mistake - a BIG one! After seeing the movie we were ready to go back to Blockbuster, demanding our money back!

It is absolutely the WORST movie I have ever seen - the story is just stupid, stupid, stupid....

A GIANT snake makes a lot of noise, and jumps from a lake on to the ground and THROUGH a window! Yes you got it right... it jumped THROUGH a window!!!

The directing is bad, the acting is worse, but the story is just so ridiculous that you won't believe your own eyes!!! And the special effects are very, very bad!

This is not a B-movie - it is a Z-movie, just look at this goof copied from the "Goofs" here on IMDb: Revealing mistakes: When the boat backs away from the tree, a shot of the waterfall shows it flowing upwards!!! They didn't even care to take the shot again!

I voted 1/10!

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Worse than I Know What You Did Last Summer!, 26 February 2000

I got Urban Legend recommended by one of my friends (we both love Scream), but I'm very sorry, that I wasted the 25 kroner (about 4$) to rent it. It is absolutely the most ridiculous story, I have ever seen in a movie! You only have to see the first 15 minutes, and then you know the rest of it! Don't waste time - or money on this one!

I voted 1/10

Nothing new - but a very good movie!, 21 February 2000

I really don't know why most people criticize this move so much. It's true that there's nothing new in The Bone Collector - but I really don't care. The acting and the story are so good, that it makes up for it. I really look forward to be seeing more of Angelina Jolie - she did a fantastic job! I think that Phillip Noyce (the director) where as good as he where when he instructed Patriot Games! Don't go to the cinema and expect, that you are going to see a scary movie. There are some pretty scary scenes, but The Bone Collector lives on its story - and not the scary scenes like for example I Know What You Did Last Summer.

I voted 8/10

Braveheart (1995)
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On of the best movies of all time!, 1 February 2000

Braveheart tells the story of William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson), a Scottish patriot who fought for his country's freedom under the English tyranny. Braveheart has it all - both action, war, romance, drama, and besides that... it's funny! Mel Gibson, who also directed the movie, is absolutely magnificent as William Wallace, but also Brendan Gleeson (as Wallace's best friend) is really superb.

Braveheart is one of the best movies of all time!


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What a great movie!, 19 December 1999

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant make the absolutely perfect couple in this romantic comedy! Julia Roberts is playing the celebrity Anna Scott, and Hugh Grant is playing the pretty poor travel bookshop owner William Thacker. One day Anna Scott buys a book from William Thacker's shop, and falls in love at first sight. The question is... does William Thacker meet the demands the press requires for being Anna Scott's boyfriend. Notting Hill is absolutely charming and funny! All the way through the movie you either smile or laugh. The story in Notting Hill is absolutely linear, but don't take that as criticism. If you liked Pretty Woman, you will LOVE Notting Hill. You are having the feeling that you have seen it all before, and you ENJOY it! I can't believe anybody have voted 1 for this one! - I voted 8/10

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A thrilling movie that puts you in a moral dilemma, 30 October 1999

A movie starring Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman and David Morse is a "must-see" for me. Extreme Measures is a thriller, and it does its job well - it is thrilling. On top of that the director managed to put me in a moral dilemma. There was a point in the movie, where I could not decide whether "the bad guy" really was such a bad guy. I think that this sounds very confusing, but watch the movie and decide for yourself. "The bad guy's" motives aren't bad at all, it is just the way he does it! A thrilling, although a bit slow movie at times. I voted 7/10.

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A completely stupid movie, 7 September 1999

In Theodore Rex poor Whoopi Goldberg is set up as a tough police cop who gets to work with a pathetic dinosaur on a case. The movie tries to be funny, and tries to make a story about abductions and more but it never works. The movie is far from funny, and the story is ridiculous. I voted 1/10

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A really good movie!, 30 August 1999

Like "The Shawshank Redemption" "Murder in the First" takes place in a prison in the past. Whereas "The Shawshank Redemption" started in the fifties "Murder in the First" starts in the very late thirties. Where "The Shawshank Redemption" only cared about the prison, "Murder in the First" is about the trial. "Murder in the First" is really well acted. Both Christian Slater and Gary Oldman does a very good job, but Kevin Bacon is superb. The story is based on real actions and is well written. "Murder in the First" really catches the viewer. "Murder in the First" is a very good movie and like few movies it is one everyone can enjoy. I voted 9/10.

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