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extremely hilarious, 4 May 2000

I watched this series after I had seen the Naked Gun films. I found it much better than the films, and I thought the films were great! This series literally glues you to the television set in anticipation of the next pun, sight gag, or funny situation (the all night wicker place, club flamingo). I don't think I've ever laughed as hard at a TV series in my life, even after seeing the movies first and thus knowing some of the jokes. I think its a shame that only six episodes were produced, but I agree that the writers would be very hard pressed to maintain this level of comedy for any more episodes. Overall, the series is a must see for those who like puns, bad jokes, and slapstick sight-gags.

"Mathnet" (1987)
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A clever show for adults and children alike, 2 May 2000

I first saw this show as a young elementary school student, and I loved it then for its entertaining abilities and mystery qualities. Having taped some episodes when I was a child, I ran across them as an adult and I found them equally as delightful for their witty puns and found myself cracking up at the zany humor. These shows contain humor that is most certainly geared for adults (i.e. Nick and Nora Chuck - play on an old radio show Nick and Nora Charles) and thus succeeded in capturing the attention of both adults and children at the same time.