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Death Row (2007) (V)
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Good film, those other comments don't know what they are talking about!!, 29 January 2010

I hate when I read a review and some guy is trying to compare a low budget horror film to "Gone with the Wind" It's a low budget horror film you idiots. Have you ever tried making a film? The Quiroz Brothers have an audience...a big audience...every guy that goes to college and smokes a little weed in between exams. That's it! Nothing more! The film is meant to be fun, silly, crazy and might scare you a little...making a film for 20k is tough, trust me I've done it and its no walk in the park. Who gives a crap about police protocol? The great thing about movies is they are FANTASY! They are meant to take you away from REALITY..There are no rules in film making, the only rule is that there are no rules...just watch "Boffo Tinseltown"...some of the greatest directors and producers will say the same thing. There are no secrets, no one in film-making knows what is going to be a hit or even be good...Paranormal whatever or that other horror picture that make a billion dollars...There are no rules, don't be mad at the Quiroz brothers for breaking them...they have 17 straight to video films...looks to me they are have an audience

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Typical 80's vibe crap, 9 March 2007

Every time I see a film like this I get sick to my stomach. When I watch a movie I like to see what I see in everyday life. As I go through my day I see blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos etc...How do you cast a film and don't even think of the possibility that other ethnic groups will walk past you? I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose but pay attention. I don't care if it takes place in Kansas or South Central. All I saw was one token black. This was typical in the 80's. Hey! it's 2007, with all the rappers, singers and athletes working as actors Thomas Haden Church could have paid more attention to his cast. Aren't actors supposed to be more liberal?

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Get out of the 60's George, 14 July 2005

This movie would have been great if the cast would have reflected today's society, or at least the way we look at it. This cast was from a typical 60's - early 90's make-up. One black zombie, a black butler (what the heck?), one Latino bad guy, no Asians and 100 white actors playing all the meaningful roles.

Come on George! Get your head out of the 60's. Don't you watch hip-hop? All our kids do. As a filmmaker myself you have to understand your climate. When I write I wouldn't dare write a film with all blacks, all whites or all Latinos. Unless it was totally called for (a film about African natives)It's just not the world I live in. I love watching films when my everyday world is reflected. Every ethnic group brings something special to a film, like humor.

It's funny, I can watch a film on cable and I can tell what decade it's from by the cast. If you watch Nicklodeon, those show's have white kids dating black kids and so on. That's the way we look at it now, it's better then before George....WAY BETTER! So get with it homie.

Born Rich (2003)
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I can't believe some of the comments!!!, 6 January 2005

Look, I don't feel sorry for these rich kids either but you have to look at it like this: These rich kids are the other extreme of poor. They have money but didn't earn it. The rest of us strive for a better life, better job, better love, but where do they start? They already have those things.

It has to be hard to find your own identity and your own passion. That's why some rich kids kill themselves, overdose or end up in prison.

And the sister (black woman)who took her friends to the Hamptons for breakfast, get over it and live your life. I'm a black man from South Central LA and I don't let anything stop me or upset my day. When I experience racism, I laugh right in there face and drive away in my $50,000 bimmer. You should read Russell Simmons book "Life and Def".

Stop hating the rich everybody! If Donald Trump decided to give away 50 million dollars, all of us would be in line. I'd be in the front.

Anthony Hopkins said it best in the film "The Edge", "What one man can do, another man can do" If you have integrity and work hard, you too can be rich with a little luck.

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Wow, what a great film!!!, 3 November 2004

I was scanning through the channels one night and stopped on this film. Man, was I glad. It's nice to see the filmmakers trust the audience and their film by not cluttering up scenes with music. The silence was golden. Great direction, great acting and great music! I could tell this was based on a true story. It was so edgy and gritty it could not have been made up. The hardest part of making a true story work is keeping it real, they did that. I recognized all the actors, some one needs to hire Cam'ron he was great. I don't think you can compare this with New Jack City, I liked New Jack City but it was allot softer the Paid In Full. I could feel the tension in some of the scenes, it was powerful. I might buy this one.

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In need of a monster!!!!!, 9 November 2003

If you're going to make a movie about werewolves or vampires someone should actually turn into one. It would have been a good low-budget movie with a different hook but they failed to make a monster. Maybe it was a budget thing, I've been there. ADVISE: If you don't have enough money to do it right, don't do it!

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Wow! What a film!, 31 August 2003

Anybody that wants to make a film should see this one. I loved that they didn't over score the film. They let the squeaky gate, the splashing of the pool and the silence tell the story. I hate when I see an indie filmmaker put too much music in the movie. It's like they don't trust us to listen even when there's nothing to listen to. Thanks for trusting us! Great film!

Road Dogz (2000)
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Better than expected, 8 February 2003

I read some other comments and can't understand why some people didn't like this film. The problem is someone who's never made a film doesn't know what it takes to make a film for very little money. I've done it twice. I thought this film was very good. It made me laugh, cry and think, which is what every film is supposed to do. Great job directing and well acted. Some of the comments said the film had bad acting. Those people obviously don't know what good acting is.

Tombstone (1993)
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One of the best movies I ever seen!, 25 July 2002

I read some of the comments and was surprised that some people didn't like this film. This was a great film! It's not "Gone With The Wind" and was never meant to be. When you judge a movie you have to judge it first on entertainment value. Historical accuracy is almost last on the list, if it wasn't the film would be a documentary. Russell is the most underrated actor in Hollywood. Kilmer was great as Holliday. Who ever put this film together knows how to produce. They got some of the best actors in Hollywood to take minor roles. That is not easy. Trust me on that.

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HBO does the best Documentaries!, 1 December 2001

This was a great documentary. But people should realize that everything that goes on in any community will eventually leak over into other communities. People would say; "Oh that only goes on in the black or Hispanic community". This is America! We may not all be of the same race, creed or religion but we're all Americans. When Black people scream out the white community HAS to listen! Blacks & Hispanics have been telling whites for years about police abuse, until "Rampart" in Los Angeles no one was listening. If you take care of EVERY community you take care of the country.

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