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Fatal Desire (2006) (TV)
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Fatal mistake, 5 June 2010

First of all this age old story of boy meets girl, boys falls in love with girl, girl tricks boy into dirty deeds, girl dumps boy, is done to death (no pun intended). Add to this trite, overdone and often boring movie for TV, the lack of talents from Eric Roberts and Anne Heche. Roberts looks haggard and shriveled. His acting matches his looks. I never considered this guy an actor. Just the brother of Julia making it on her name. In this it shows his ability to stretch his emotions from 1- 2. In It's My Party, he costarred with Gregory Harrison. Harrison and a roster of guest stars made the movie a hit. Roberts was not the best in the film. And in this his co-star Heche (also known as Ellen's ex) was just as bad. Not a looker, it was embarrassing to see her playing a sexy broad with a flat body, skinny legs and no bosom.

This movie is worse than a B picture and should be labeled one of the worst ever!

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It's all about the hair, 30 May 2010

And Crystal Bernard, our leading lady, has too much of it. After a while I got sick of seeing a middle aged female trying to look younger than she is. And her huge mop of bleached hair had movement of its own, believe me, bangs and all. She must tease her hair every five minutes for it was never out of place in the entire movie. Then her acting was so stilted and boring I kept wondering of all the women in Hollywood or Canada or where ever this was filmed there had to be someone better. She was plain awful to look at and listen to. Story is typical standard stuff about infidelity and such stuff. Unfortunately Dee Wallace, an actress I admire, is wasted in this. But it's wonderful to watch her even in the little she had to do. And she comes off as Bernard's sister not mother. Bernard is much too old for the role. That explains the long, too long straight hair. I hate this new age look women have with straight below the shoulder length bleached blond hair. And always hanging over one eye or both eyes. Is this supposed to make us guys think they Are sexy, when you can't even see their faces with the hair hanging down in front? Like a witch. All they need is the pointed hat. It is so common these days these hair dos that are supposed to be attractive. To me it looks like they just woke up and need a good hair brushing.

Anyway, I digress. We have once again James Brolin, and actor that seems to always end up in these insipid LMN movies. Can't he get any other work? I admit he's not much of an actor. His son, Josh, fares much better in the acting jobs. But Brolin is still quite a strikingly handsome guy, good for you Barbra. Full head of glorious silver hair, and tanned. He's a looker, but that's about all. No acting please.

And then there's a young young Dean McDermott, Tori's spouse, as the kid brother who is not that bad in this. Nice to know there was life before Tori with him. David Cubitt plays the husband and also does a decent job. Looking too young for Bernard. How old is she anyway?

Vows of Deception (1996) (TV)
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A bad Cheryl Ladd flick, 22 May 2010

Of course, no one ever claimed she was much of an actress. This film proves it. Ladd goes around playing sexy and that's about it. No moments but puckering and prancing about in revealing costumes too tight and too small for her. And what a waste of talented actors such as Nick Mancuso and Mike Farrell. They must have been desperate to take on this project or the money was too good. It's pretty obvious about what will happen in this. Isn't it always when a bimbo marries a rich man? This is no different. Michael Woolson as the son tries to stay far away from the whore wife. But the script makes him succumb to her fancies.

All in all I give this a 2 and a half for the presence of Mancuso and Farrell and the attempt of Woolson. But 0 for the performance by Ladd.

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So-so movie, 18 May 2010

Sorry I can't get enthused about this one. With all the hoopla about it, I found it boring to watch and overacted by the cast, except for Martin Sheen who turned in the most honest performance and if anyone in this deserved mentioning it would be him. To award Douglas an Oscar for what he did was outrageous. Douglas goes around with his usual poker face looking like he knows how to act, something his father never taught him, and is so boring in every scene you cant wait till the next scene. Charlie Sheen gives a poor job as the up and comer wall street hustler. See Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success for an acting job of merit about a hustler. Sheen just seems too much a beginner in this. It's the supporting cast that take the film. Oliver Stone did a okay job, but I feel it was too long and too tiresome in the viewing. Talk talk talk.

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Cinema Classic, 27 March 2010

Here is a film of substance and beauty. Directed by Max Ophuls with style and taste. Costumes are awesome and black and white photography at its best. It stars Joan Fontaine as the sad neglected heroine. Fontaine does her best work in this. I have never been a Fontaine fan as I find her quite cold in all her work. As in REBECCA and SUSPICION (even though she won Academy Award.) Most of her leading men have commented her coldness on set and her work. I believe them. However, Louis Jourdan more than makes up for the lack of warmth in this. He is magnificent. And he's supposed to be the cool charmer. His final scene shows the warmth the film should have had.

But still a great movie with the likes of Mady Christians, Art Smith, Marcel Journet in supporting roles. And the young Leo B. Pessin as the son of Fontaine and Jourdan. In fact he resembles Jourdan very much. Only made one more film to his credit. He was quite good. Too bad.

Hard Candy (2005)
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Completely disgusting movie, 8 March 2010

I wouldn't even vote for this crap if you paid me. The biggest disappointment is that Patrick Wilson would consent to do this garbage. I have always respected his work but this has taken my opinion way down to the gutter which is where this film belongs.

Written by a sick Brian Nelson and directed by another sicko, David Slade, I found this film not disturbing like many others have been saying, but belonging in some asylum somewhere along with the little creep that played the little creep, Ellen Page. Is this the same little creep that has been making headlines lately? I know I could care less in seeing her in anything else.

It is just a stupid movie that Wilson couldn't kick this bitch in the crotch and end it all. He had every chance to and just seemed to crawl around on all fours and let her get away with it. I kept thinking this is supposed to be entertainment. There's no account for some sick people who think something like this could ever be called anything but a piece of crap.

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Small miracle of a movie, 17 December 2009

With all the violence, sex and murder films plus the giant screen spectacles, it is refreshing to find this small miracle of a film. I guess I must be the only one to like this, reading the other critics. I found this by accident and am glad I did. I became involved with the characters and their lives. Okay, they seemed small according to turmoils in today's films, but how nice to see a happy ending. And to hear pleasant music without the rock sounds. A very sophisticated movie with fine acting by all. Superb directing from Giancarlo Tallarico who also wrote the book of which Jonathan Abrahams brilliantly turned into a screenplay.

Amy Adams was perfectly cast as the pretty young girl in search of a singing career. Scott G. Anderson was the perfect match for her as a young financial adviser with his own torments. Togehter they brought genuine emotions to the screen. Adams said more with her eyes than any words could express and Anderson's breakdown scene at his mother's piano was honest and heartbreaking. Bravo to each of them. JB Blanc brought the tension as the boss of the finance company and Harriet Sansom Harris was thoroughly delightful in the role of Anderson's assistant who brought some fine acting moments as well as a fine singing voice to the fold.

This was an excellent film and I commend the producers, director and writers as well as all the cast for treating us to this delightful little valentine of a movie. Thank you.

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Not of my taste in film making, 5 December 2009

I am devastated that so many people found this a good film. I scares me to think there are those out there that have a taste for paganistic crap. For I found the writing by Anthony Shaffer based on a book by the late David Pinner, a despicable and disgusting work of film making.

Even with the likes of the actors, Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento and Britt Ekland, it is still in my eyes a dangerous film to have our young people to view. I write this criticism in hopes that parents will prevent their children and young teens in seeing this. It is truly the most horrendous type of work. Director Robin Hardy, man/woman spared no pains in bringing the hopelessness of believing in any kind of salvation. They have got to be atheists themselves to even want to produce such a sacrilegious piece of work. Shame on them as I condemn them myself to eternal hell for filming it. If I could face both writers and directors, I'd give them an up-pence they deserve for such contempt.

I warn you all and ask you all, even you obvious sick people who found this entertaining, to begin condemning this film and see that it is never viewed again. It's that repulsive. Killing human beings, animals, to make a point is not entertainment. And then to show the burning of them to the end. Next we'll watch Joan of Ark at the stake, then Marie Antoinette beheaded and think this is enjoyable.

No more of this horrible anti Christ stuff.

Baby for Sale (2004) (TV)
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Hated this film, 26 November 2009

I agree with the comment about the stupidity of this movie. Why do we watch such trite? I think sometimes they are so bad you can't believe what you're watching. I like Hart Bochner's work. Loved him in Die Hard as the coke sniffing executive. He was wasted in this silly film. And the dame who played his wimpy wife looked like his mother. Dana Delany was terrible and obnoxious. I never wanted her to get the baby. She was too selfish a person to have any children. Going against her husband, the law to get her way. And nobody stops her. Even in the courtroom when she stands up and gives this phony speech about what's best for th child, it was sickening. I turned off the TV when the idiot judge was about to give over the child to her. I just don't want to see it. However, aside for my respect for Bochner's work, I did like the guy who played the shady dealer. Bruce Ramsay gave a decent performance. Almost like he was laughing through the whole movie.

So, kudos for Ramsay and Bochner's presence and thumbs down for the movie and the leading lady, Delany.

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Hated this film, 10 November 2009

I will not give any vote for a film that treats animals in such a horrific way. Michael Burke, the writer and director, must have some warped sense of theatre. He brings animal cruelty into fold in such a heartbreaking way, I found myself screaming at the movie. I love animals and dislike very much these cheap writers who think they can make a point by torturing and tormenting animals.

The kid was looney and the father was an ass. The boy friend a closet queen and the only normal one was the boy's pet, a chicken, who of course, this writer feels should be destroyed in such an unfeeling way without consequences.

I like Richard Jenkins, but not in this. And the kid, played by Emile Hirsch was ineffective in the role. The boy friend, Tom Guiry, was another lost soul. Actors were adequate. Scenery depressing, story super horrendous, direction masochistic and over all a waste of the viewer's time.

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