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An enjoyable fun viewing experience, 8 February 1999

Concrete Angels is a feel-good film with first-rate music and a fantastic, talented, young cast. It captures the excitement of being on-stage; the anxiety of competition; and the hopes and dreams of countless youth who worshiped the Beatles during the height of their popularity. The fine performances by a mostly unknown cast actually made the film more believable and interesting. Concrete Angels is upbeat, fun and full of life.

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An insightful comedy that makes one laugh, cry and contemplate life., 8 February 1999

La Famiglia Buonanotte is an intelligent, sometimes dark, comedy that has many poignant moments about immigrant Italian life in 1950's Canada. The young boy who narrates some of the story makes the audience truly appreciate his desire to belong in this new country, and his attempts to fit in are often very funny. The rest of the family and its tenants downstairs play a precarious game of survival in a cramped household that breeds insecurity, competition and downright cattiness. Kim Cattrall is wonderfully amusing as a dissatisfied wife who tries to disrupt everyone's life. Kim Coates is hilarious as her blustering, loudmouth husband. Lina Sastri, as the matriarch of the household, plays matchmaker for the tenants downstairs to rather unexpected results. Giancarlo Giannini turns in a subtle yet charming performance as a man who resigns himself to his lot in life. La Famiglia Buonanotte has some wonderful moments that are both funny and touching because they reveal only too well the truth about life and love.