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Deception (2004) (TV)
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What else is new?, 7 March 2004

The movie start and after barely ten minutes into it, I start to realize, This is one of those movies where someone is being threatened by person unknown- only in this case, Everybody Knows! The movie has some exciting moments, but overall it's just too predictable.

The storyline is thin and the characters unbelievable. Erin is an non trusting, traumatized actress, who doubles as a decoy for married men. Then, in an obvious twist, she falls in-love with one of her "clients". She doesn't want him, but she can't help herself…

This of course, makes you watch the movie as if you are watching a commercial. Without likable, interesting characters and with a predictable story, I just lose interest.

I guess it's my own fault. I expected too much from a movie like this.

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Average, 2 February 2001

The movie isn't really a comedy, or suspenseful. It relies on Beatty's charms (who does "deliver") and one good idea. However, interesting at first, you know where it's going, and the whole thing becomes too predictable and unbelievable. I kept waiting for something original to come out of the blue, but that never happened. Warren is a much better criminal in Bonnie and Clyde, $ (1972) and others.

PS Instead of Susannah (Angel) throwing the gun to the water, she could have given it to Warren (Barney!...) and he would have lost it somehow. Whatever. Not a total waste of time.

Dream Wife (1953)
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Could have been so much better- and that's worse than a bad movie., 4 January 2001

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are a wonderful couple. Throwing each other line after line with Grant's usual and very his -facial expressions. The dinner scene between the two in the beginning is a blast. The whole beginning is great, funny, very promising, but it's obvious where it's going plot-wise, and with the plot the movie flops. The funny scenes become scarce, predictable and I just waited for it to end. Walter Pidgeon must be one of the best supporting actors ever. Catch the first 30 minutes or so than stop watching, or just pass. Nice idea that went wrong.

PS How that "Dream wife" of his learns English so quickly is absolutely amazing! She does speak with a few mistakes, of course.

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OK. Quite boring till the climax, 23 December 2000

Swift opening sequence has nothing to do with the pace of the movie, and that's a shame. The movie is way too slow, not very original (ex-con drawn to one last crime, police detective off the case-still determined to get his guy; I for one, do not believe Jack Palance and Alain Delon are Italian brothers, does anyone?), some tolerable '60s cuts and point-of-views, but if you get to the heist you are rewarded -not by the crime itself, but the outcome. The finale is well put together. Alain does have better ones, preferable in French.

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What were they thinking?, 30 August 2000

I never heard of the movie, and saw it because of Jane Fonda's name. This is not only boring and uninteresting, there isn't even a nice sentence in it. The two walk around, his wife is a pain, her husband is numb as we are. They walk through Greece. They almost have an accident. His son died in an accident. Wow.

Terrible movie. 89 minutes? Seemed like much more. I don't know how I saw the whole thing.

Replacing Dad (1999) (TV)
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Perfect 6., 15 June 2000

I saw the movie for Mary Mc Donnell. She's o-k.

It maybe fitting for the book it's based upon, Replacing Dad does not, however, fit the movie. It's about how she deals with her husband of sixteen years leaving her for another woman and only slightly about her coping with new men in life and her children's reaction to their mom's dating and dates.

There are great little moments: Linda's submissiveness to her husband, the grandmother's reaction when Willie answers the phone- devoured by just-bad parts: grandmother not running after her grandson's footprints, and what she says to her self at the time; Why does Linda say "I lied" when they get to the New Year Eve's party? A little sentence about Linda's complaint to the police wouldn't have hurt. Story-wise, there could easily have been another half hour.

I've never seen Dynasty, Jack Coleman is really good here. Hayden Tank as Willie in the bunny suit is absolutely adorable. And Tippi Hedren looks great for her age. Did she have any work done on her?

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Nothing new, 25 May 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A teacher comes to a school, gets the toughest class, has a hard time but manages to work miracles: sounds familiar? It's almost a genre. The whole movie lies on Gerard, of course, who is good as usual. The relationships in the movie are all very good- between Gerard and the teacher with the son, with his neighbor, the girl next door and with the head and vice principals. But ironicly, the weak part is with his class. I didn't see what he did that made a change in them or their world or way of thinking.

The best scenes, which save the movie from total numbness is the beginning, the whole wife-her mother-Happy Birthday tape, the shoe fiasco and little subtle -so French- things in the movie (like his scarf). Slight Spoiler: Towards the end he almost completely loses his mind, which is explainable, but it makes the end only more unbelievable and well, not French.

I give it a 6.

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Amazing, amazing, absolutely amazing, 17 January 2000

Sweeping tale of a smart and lucky imposter, masterfully played by Mathieu Kassovitz during most of the movie. This combines short real footages with great acting all around. David Fernandes is touching as the young Albert, Jean-Louis Trintignant is perfect casting as the older/narrator.

An unforgettable movie. Have to see it to believe it. Perfect script. Once again a wonderful movie that did not get the respect, publicity, "fame" it fully deserves.

See this!

Korczak (1990)
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Riveting, 17 January 2000

Moving, exciting, amazing. Perfect script, wonderful direction. Simply perfect. I have no idea why it's not much seen (maybe because it's in Polish).

An amazing story about an amazing person, which makes you want to read more about him. I haven't read any of his books yet, but I sensed references to them in the movie.

Both in black-and-white and take place during the holocaust, I don't like the comparison but Korczak is so much better than Schindler's List in so many ways. First- the story. This one is interesting. It's touching, it doesn't soften anything. I mention this because Schindler (the movie) was hugely successful and highly appreciated. This is a real must see.

Reckless (1995)
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So ridiculous it's sad., 11 December 1999

Produced by International Playhouse Pictures, it looks as if filmed in a doll house. Everybody's a liar, everything is dream-like, toy-like for no good reason. I'm not saying everything in all movies should be totally realistic, but such unbelievable fantasy things and situations in one movie are way too much. How did they get these fine actors -actresses particularly- to this movie? It's nice to see Mia again; if we were meant to understand why her husband wants to kill her, Mia does do it well. Not funny, not moving, just fake. Stephen Dorff briefly appears at the end, fitting for a play maybe, less for a movie, but this isn't one to measure things at. Terrible.

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