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Great Film., 20 June 1999

I've read through a lot of reviews here and I gotta ask what film you people were seeing? I've seen it four times and while the first was exciting beyond belief, the 3 following times were just as fun. This was a good film. Not as good as The Empire Strikes Back, but better than Jedi. I mean the film is good. Here are the things I like the Most about the Film: 1. Qui-Gon Jinn. This guy was awesome. 2. Queen Amidala, She had the same kind of strength and determination as Princesses Leia did in the orginials. 3. Special Effects. God, they were good. Much like A New Hope, Lucas Film Ltd. and ILM has set a new standard in Special Effects. 4. Darth Maul. Unlike Vader, you could see his facial expressions that made him look more evil. This guy would whoop Vader's ass in a lightsaber duel. 5. Pod Race. The Noise pollution was great in this part of the film. 6. Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. I could swear that was just a computer enhanced Alec Guinness at times. hehe. 7. The Queen's Captain. That guy was awesome too. Who ever he was, was probably the best actor in this movie. He showed concern for the Queen and gave his opinion forcefully. 8. Darth Sidious. Ok, we don't know who he is yet, but hey he had the voice of the Dark Side. 9. Battle Droids. Great Idea, why doesn't the emperor save time and money in the orginals and use battle droids? 10. Watto, he had some great lines and was generally cool. 11. Gungan City. How could such a dippy race have such a cool city. 12. There's gonna be 2 more after this one. Lucas has said that he made this one light hearted, because the next two are gonna be rather dark. 13. C3PO. Ok, in this movie he was the best. "I find that Jar-Jar to be quite odd in deed." One of the best lines in the movie. 14. Senator Palpatine talking to Anakin. "And you young Skywalker, we will watch your career with great interest." Yep, you bet. 5 things I hated in this movie, just like the orginial 3 there were sucky moments. 1. Anakin's mom. Bleh. Over actress. Terrible job and terrible dialog. 2. Jar-Jar Binks. An inappropriate character for this movie. but wow did he look real. Not as bad as Anakin's Mom. 3. The Gungan-Battle Droid fight. Still better than the Ewok-Stormtropper fight, more believeable too. 4. Miti-clorains? A scientific way to tell if the force is with them, what's with this? 5. No Han Solo. I know he's not even born yet, but man Han was awesome in the other three.

The Movie and Such., 20 June 1999

I remember watching this cartoon as a kid thinking that his niece should be the detective not him. My older brother said that was part of the comedy of the show that he takes the credit for all her work. I'm 19 now and look forward to the July 23 opening date for the movie. I just hope that Matthew Broderick is better in this than Godzilla. It won't be the biggest movie of the summer, Phantom Menace already took that honor, but I'm optimistic that it will do well.

Star Wars (1977)
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When I first saw it., 2 June 1999

I was disappointed. I saw Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back before I ever saw A New Hope. I thought Owen and Beru's dying was a bad way to get Luke off the farm. I wanted a big argument between Luke Obi-Wan and Owen. Then at the end when Luke got the honor of destroying the Death Star was a little cheesy and such. The Light Saber duel was bad, yawn. That was when I was 10 years old. I'm now 19 and I still think A New Hope is not the best out of the 3. It's a great movie and the Special Editions were awesome, it didn't get me hooked like Empire and Jedi did. It made me wonder how this film got well over 300 million in the late 70's.

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More than just eye candy!, 19 May 1999

So far a lot of reviews have said that a lot of this movie is a lot of mere eye-candy. To me it was that and much more. If this was made in 1977, it wouldn't have been as big of a hit as would be now. But since we love the classics so much, we didn't mind waiting in line for 2 hours or 10 minutes, whatever! It was a good film, and much like other people, I loved the pod-race. It kicked ass. Damn Sand People, ha ha. Jar-Jar and the two headed announcer weren't as bad as people said. Jar-Jar had some funny lines and the announcer was almost as real as those guys on NASCAR races or whatever. Coruscant was an awesome city, so was the under water world. The ending seemed much like A New Hope, no metals, but it was generally happy and a kick-ass party. (Not giving much away there). Now you're probably saying: jeez is there anything you didn't like about the movie? Well, yeah. No Vader and no Solo. Darth Sidious and Darth Maul were cool bad guys, Maul was too quiet he needed to say something. Sidious has a mystery behind him. Who is he? What are his motives? What's he after? Questions to be answered in the next 2 films. C3PO didn't get much time, but he wasn't as emotional as the other movies. Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor worked well together. Jake Lloyd is ok for someone who's only 10 years old. Natalie Portman did a good job, but it seemed her accent changed a little too much. For Me: 4 Stars. 2 Thumbs up. 9.5 outta 10. Great Movie. Thank-you George for yet another chapter in Star Wars!

The Matrix (1999)
WHOA!, 19 April 1999

When I first saw the trailer for this, I was thinking: "Oh great, another Sci-Fi film with awesome special effects and probably nothing else good." I went to see it yesterday. I'm still picking up my jaw a day later. Wow, what a film. It is the best written, best acted Sci-Fi movie since Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't believe how great that movie was. It was a 10 from start to finish and the greatest film of the year, until The Phantom Menace comes out in a month. A big thanks for everyone who made a wonderful movie experience.

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Too Long., 17 April 1999

I expected the usual 1and1/2 to 2 hour movie. Instead it dragged on for 3 boring uninteresting hours. The movie made me laugh, not because it was funny but because it was terrible. I mean I laughed at it like I laughed at Tommy Boy. It was a joke. I think Costner shows that he's well past his prime when it comes to movies. Let him work elsewhere now.

Great Flick., 14 April 1999

Often times, you forget about movies, until they're on TV again. I just saw it Sunday night on Comedy Central and it brought back memories of watching this film when I was younger. I always thought about taking my dad's 69 Chevelle out for a spin with a few friends when we should be in school, but living on a farm, he would notice if someone left with it in the middle of the day with his car. It's just a great anytime anyplace flick that's fun to watch.

Spaceballs (1987)
A good time., 11 April 1999

Watching this movie is usually a good time. I'd like to see a prequel for this movie after Lucas is finished with the Star Wars prequel. Of all the Star Wars spoofs in this film, my favorite spoof is having Snotty beam the president over. Of course, I often find myself cheering for the bad guys (Scrobb, Dark Helmut and Sanders), instead of the annoying good guys (the Princess and Lone Star). I think that a prequel would be a great search for more money. JRGTREK.

Half Baked (1998)
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Terrible. Terrible., 6 April 1999

First of all how could they call this a comedy, it's not funny. It was just plain stupid. It had no plot and was stupid from beginning to end. Nobody with an I.Q. above 70 would care about the characters. Without a doubt, probably the worst movie ever in the existence of the world. If there were a 0, I'd give it that. Worse than The Postman.

Still Great after all these years., 3 April 1999

As many of the other people here have said, this show is still great after all these years. Everyone knows the characters and the ideas behind the show. I miss Phil Hartman and his voice. The character I'm most alike is the comic book guy, doesn't say a lot for me, does it? My Favorite Episode is the one where they add a character to Itchy and Scratchy. Then at the same time they add a character to the Simpsons family (Roy). That episode had the perfect satire. While King of the Hill got old in the first season, got sick of everyone swearing in South Park, got sick of Beavis and Butthead saying a bunch of worn out buzzwords, the Simpsons has progressed with time and have achieved what few cartoons can: Longevity. This past season has been somewhat of a disappointment in my book. It has seemed that there haven't been many good ones this season. I hope that next season the Simpsons will have some better episodes. The Simpsons still have years left to them. It could be a possibility they'll be around to entertain us for years with new episodes and reruns, which are always great to watch.

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