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Once again standing at ground zero as the bomb is dropped., 20 November 2001

This is the best animated Justice League (superfriends *SIC*) of all time! Back to the iron they go, delivering a red hot program. Cartoon Network (Part of the AOL/Time/Warner conglomerate. They also own DC Comics.) has all the DC universe, at their disposal. In just the two episodes (so far. 11/19/01) I saw notable DC universe regulars throughout the episodes. (Totally schway!) Many regular green lanterns, Snapper Carr (Original Comic book JLA mascot) and Kanjar-ro appear. You can look forward to Solomon Grundy, Aquaman, Mongul as well as the Demon.(Killer!) Of the returning characters only Batman/Kevin Conroy, Joker/Mark Hamill, and Lex Luthor/Clancy Brown make a Return. Superman (was Tim Dally of "Wings") and the Flash are new voices. There are other notables that will be making appearances *see list. This is one of the best comic based cartoons that I have seen since "Batman the Animated Series". It consists of largely the same team. (They also worked on Superman and Batman Beyond) I have had high expectations since I heard that this was green lighted at the "San Diego comic con" this year. Needless to say, I do not feel disappointed. I hope that this cartoon goes on for some time. It is off to an excellent beginning.

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lots of fun in the weird 60's!, 7 October 1999

The Hurculoids was one of the most unique creations to come from Hanna-Barbara in the 60's. The Ghost Master Alex Toth brought life to this creation as well. The show was going to be known a Zartan but, CBS legal dept found problems with reworking Tarzan so obviously. Still it remains one of the most original and innovative cartoons to this day. I loved watching when I was a kid. I loved the strange creatures that where good and loyal. I loved the villains they were so strange and interesting. It's a shame that these cartoons don't see much air play any more. Maybe someone will see this and change that?

One of the greatest classics of all time!, 8 December 1998

The Grinch is one of my all time favorites. I love watching it every year.(my only complaint is the ending, I wanted to see him dump it, badly! Just once!) The cast and people who worked on it are just stellar! It has stood the test of time to be a true classic, to which many other shows have had to try to surpass. I love Boris Karloff as the Grinch and the narrator. What can you say about the talent that is Chuck Jones that hasn't already been said? To my surprise, what should I see but June Forray's name attached to this classic. They made no mention of this on TNT's special edition. Dr.Suess is beloved to this day as it well should be. Thul Ravenscroft (singing voice and Tony the tiger) Makes me just want to sing along with him to the great little songs. This is just one of those shows about Christmas you just can't help but love. (especially with all that other stuff crammed down your maw.) This will survive the test of Generations to come. I will never see this show as old.

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One is great. Two has just got to be better., 3 December 1998

This paring was a natural for these two. I used to read their (somewhat) ridiculous pairings in the 60's. This is a much better showing than those comics. It uses all the best elements from both the shows and makes them very believable. The use of the main villains (Joker and Luthor) is only to be expected and is appropriate and highly enjoyable in the way that they are handled here. The use of the Chinese Kryptonite dragon is very cool and somewhat different handling of the usual "kryptonite trap" here. Mayhem ensues as it will when you have two bad guys get together. The Clark, Bruce , Lois love triangle gets a different and much better handled treatment here. Bravo! I also loved the use of "Sprang" inspired large sized robots. The best joke was the flying wing with the Joker smile. If you like the other offerings you will like this movie.

You just have to love it when the sequel is better, even than the movie. (Batman and Robin), 3 December 1998

I really love the fact that WB animation made this film. It is even better than "Mask of the Phantasam". It is way better than "Batman and Robin" (w/ George Clooney). Pretty sad state of affairs. This film was initially to go to the theaters, but after the way "Batman and Robin" bombed, they decided not to. I would have loved seeing this on the big screen. The CGI-annimation would have been great here. Michael Anasara IS Mr. Freeze. He is great in the tv series and is equally devastating here. The story is very strong. It picks up where the tv series left off with the drama concerning Victor Fries wife. It is the mid point between the original series (FOX TV) and the new one (WB TV). The use of CGI for things like the Batplane is very sharp and blends nicely with the cell animation. All in all it Is a fine entry in the Series. Highly enjoyable.

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The greatest adaption of comics material to be done!, 3 December 1998

As a major comics fan I can't say enough about this series. It is true to the sources it comes from. The characters are hightly intelligent and interesting. This far outclasses the Bats and supes cartoons of the 60's and 70's The actors used are brilliant.The guest voices are well thought out and placed. The production teams are on the mark for what they do. The comics refrences made in the shows are the greatest of in-jokes. I highly recommend that you watch this series. Not only the above, the drama is great for adults and children alike. I also like the fact that they have included a large number of other DC Comics characters in both series. Watch this and enjoy, I know I will. Richard A Scott.

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A good thing keeps getting better., 3 December 1998

My love for this show will probably never fade. The style in these shows changes a bit here. It gets slicker and sharper. It is five years after the previous series (that was on Fox) The villains take a Darker more fearsome demeanor and look. Bats loses that silly yellow circle that Julius Schwarts added in 1964. And he gains Batgirl and (Tim Drake) Robin 2 as assistants. Dick Grayson (Robin 1) becomes Nightwing. It is down to a science here and it is higly evident. The stories are still somewhat adaptions, but most are original stories. You simply can't go wrong here watching these wonderful shows!

"Superman" (1996)
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If it wasn't for the success of Batman the animated series., 3 December 1998

If it wasn't for the success of Batman the animated series, it is likely that this series wouldn't have been made. It is a great series. The material from this series is taken largely from the comics and "Lois and Clark". It is undoubtedly along with Batman one of the finest adaptions ever done of these characters for television or the movies. It is far easier to make the characters believable animated than it is to do live action. While not nearly as good as the Batman material I personally lean towards Supes everytime. It is fine action adventure in the truest sense of the word. Excellent drama. Lots of fun to be had here.

Something went wrong here?, 3 December 1998

I saw this film and when I did something seemed oddly out of place here. Everything is fine but for some reason I didn't enjoy the story nearly as much as the tv series. There is excellent use of CGI here. The animation is fine as well. I think I would have liked it better if it was just a Joker story. Having to share with a new villain means that the new character is going to be getting the time for the character development. It is highly enjoyable otherwise.

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Why I love this matirial., 3 December 1998

These cartoons are the basis for what's to come with the later series. While most are extemely good there are more than a few dogs here. Most of the stories come from most of the batman's history. Most of the volume of work is adaptions from various periods of publication from the earliest to relatively current. I enjoy the fact that they did their reseach. I discovered that they did adaptions that I was not aware of the fact that they came from comics. These are largely a work in progress, to the newer series and it shows at times. These are highly enjoyable and full of drama. I recommend these for adults and children alike.

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