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Ratcatcher (1999)
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Poetic realism, Sinatra and floating mice., 8 October 1999

I enjoyed this film very much. It's always inspiring to see a >film with a distinctive vision. The cast are all excellent, not >in spite of being (mostly) non-actors but BECAUSE they are >non-actors. Their naturalism and personalities make it all so >compelling. The Glasgow settings are full of atmosphere and >texture. There's visual poetry, great songs a lot of sadness but >also many laughs ...and believe it or not...a great special-effect sequence! In some ways I was reminded of Terence >Davies and Bresson although this moves quicker. Great stuff!

Last Night (1998/I)
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Quietly thrilling, darkly humorous, poignant and haunting., 20 January 1999

I saw LAST NIGHT last night at a special London preview where we all had to fill in a questionnaire. I don't know if this was just to formulate a marketing campaign or (more worrying) to consider making changes to the film. So just in case, let me say to the powers-that-be, DON'T CHANGE A THING! LAST NIGHT is wonderfully refreshing and intelligent. No cheap thrills or laughs. Nothing derivative or patronising to the audience. It has an integrity increasingly rare in modern cinema. Don't just 'forget Armageddon', it's misleading to even compare them. A sense of impeding doom is treated here like a collective state-of-mind rather than an externalised visual spectacle. It's elegantly spare in both look, writing and performances. Quietly thrilling, darkly humorous, poignant and haunting. Faultless on every level. Congratulations to McKellar, and the team for making the film you wanted to make, without the destructive influence of corporate interference!