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Devil Rider (1991) (V)
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Why bother?, 23 January 1999

The only reason I rented this is because I vowed to see every horror movie in the town. My comments are not going to be nice ones.

The premise is not bad. A demon rider living on through the ages. The problems are the writing, directing, acting, dubbing editing, cinematography...I'll bet even the gaffer had something to do with the poor quality.

This isn't even a good time-filler. Even as something just to have background noise while doing something in the kitchen, it don't work.

As a final complaint: isn't a devil incarnate supposed to dress in black?

Hellraiser (1987)
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It ain't SUPPOSED to be Macbeth, here folks...., 28 December 1998

In a decade of cheap, exploitive slashers, we finally get this one. Relief.

Instead of some maniac ripped from Halloween, we get a simple wooden box. Simple, or so Frank thought.

What results is a cinematic masterpiece, a great mix of gore and violence, as well as a great musical score and some nice drama. The acting is fine, but there are imperfections. One common complaint: The characters are not pleasant enough we can latch onto them. Maybe that's because these seem more realistic than the characters we CAN latch onto. Just a thought, don't jump on this.

What really gets me, though, is the people calling it down, saying it's not quality entertainment. Come on guys, if it was SUPPOSED to be Shakespeare, it would not advertise as being able to "tear your soul apart."

The presence of the cenobites was originally intended not to carry the story but to emphasize it. As usual, the sequaes ignored it. Hey, merchandizing.

This is the only one of the series that depends on the story more than the demons. We hardly ever see the infamous Pinhead at all.

all in all, this was a fun movie. No Shakespeare, but it's not supposed to be. Just dramatic, gory, groundbreaking horror, delivered to us excellently by Mr. Barker.