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This should be called Taken by Pelham 123, 12 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This had to be the worst remake ever. I should have known it was going to suck. I remember when they were shooting this back in summer'07... I decided to give it the benefit of doubt-the crew people said Travolta, Denzel, Gandolfini, I though okay: what the worst that could happen!Somewhere Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw and Martin Balsam are all spinning in their graves! Took recap my thesis argument: Hands down the worst remake that I ever seen in my almost 35 years. I have lost so much respect for the Hollywood Machine. The plot was ridiculous! The acting was cheesy! The dialogue was hilarious! (and folks this was no comedy) John Travolta was on the rise again- this might have knocked him down a few pegs. Denzel Washington... come on, And I am saying this with the utmost respect and admiration- But you could have picked a better script-if I were you I would fire your agent...I am not saying they ruined you but this was no American Gangster or X etc!

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I Love You Man! makes you laugh like a....., 20 March 2009

I am a huge fan of Paul Rudd, he is a fantastic comedic actor.I am also a fan of movies that make me laugh like a retard. I have a very loud laugh and some cats hate to go to the movies with me.I should be seeing this movie tonight at some point on Long Island. I have already begun using the phrase "Mandate", like for example I was at the bank the other day and 2 tellers were planning on seeing "Watchmen" again, I said to the "so you guys are going to be going on a mandate?". They seemed to get a kick out of it, because everything I do amuses them. Coincidentally Mandate was a gay magazine in the film "My Own Private Idaho", In fact Keanu Reeves was on the cover-this is the sequence, where all the magazine covers are having a conversation in the adult bookstore.So check this out- River Phoenix's last film and definitely check out Paul Rudd in I love you man.

Notorious (2009)
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Notorious -Perfectly released on eve of innaugaration and MLK holiday!, 25 January 2009

I seen this the first night it opened out in Farmingale,Long Island. I was blown away with how realistic Jamal (a/k/a Gravy) Woodward's portrayal of Christopher (Biggie Smalls/Notorious B.I.G./Biggie) Wallace truly was. I thought for a moment that Biggie really was not killed in senseless violence some 10 years ago almost to the day.The resemblance and manneurisms were just uncanny.I only hope that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences takes a good look at this cinematic wonder for consideration and nomination for the 82nd Oscar telecast in Feb 2010. Angela Basset's portrayal of Biggies hard-working mother was also worthy of recognition. I recommend this picture to all, who haven't seen it.

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Richard Beck gets raped!, 24 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember seeing this as a little me back in the 1980's.If I remember correctly Beck was underground someplace and is cornered by 2 guys or whatever. One of the guys says to him "I just broke up with my girlfriend" and I think his partner says "yeah he just broke up with his girlfriend-why don't you help him out" or something to that affect. Then due to the magic of television- the camera pulls out as the viewers see a struggle ensue-then the picture fades to back leaving me as a young viewer to wonder-what was happening? As a grown-up I know what was happening- he was getting violated against his will by other men. That one sequence has had a profound place in my mind ever since- It is fatefully stored in my mind with all the other bits and pieces of stuff I would rather forget...I am so glad this is available in some form again, I must revisit this movie again with older-eyes!

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Uncle Boo stole my radio!, 20 January 2009

I love this doc...HBO made some awesome docs at one point under the moniker of America Undercover. These days they don't make too much of anything it seems. There seems to be a short-supply of good doc ideas. I am all about Hookers and Crackheads and serial killers.Come-on get fine in 2009...bring back these kind of documentaries...I need to live vicariously through these crack-heads. I can't quit my job and start smoking crack like I was Janet from another planet (remember that lovely lady from this doc).This doc has everything you could possibly need a doc on crack addiction to have. Its got ex-fighters! Its got crack addicts trying to hold down jobs! Its got crack addicts losing jobs and losing loves!Yes was a piece showing my love for "Crack Street" and also a piece about why HBO needs to come up with more docs.

Iron Man (2008)
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Does Nick Fury look like a ------!, 6 May 2008

OMG...This movie had it all. The Effects. The Plot. The Action. The predictable cameo from Stan Lee (look for it).Note to self:cameos are cool and I should be in all of my films.What else can I say about a film that has raked in 200 Million over the last 5 days (according to the radio station that I showered to this morning) and thats darn impressive! I remember getting a text message saying stay till after the credits and I am happy I did and for those who are probably reading this-you know why. Robert Downey Jr.-No relation to Morton Downey Jr. has really delivered as opposed to Mr. Pacino (in 88 Minutes). His Stark is believable-Jeff Bridge's character is also believable.

88 Minutes (2007)
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88 Minutes too long, 6 May 2008

I had the privilege of meeting the great man himself, Al Pacino. He is a God to me. However even God makes mistakes too. This mistake was 88 Minutes. The man who portrayed Tony Montana in Scarface & Frank Serpico in Serpico has really disappointed with this latest release.When I met Mr. Pacino the day after he won his Best Actor Oscar for Scent of a Woman. I was in awe of this man.He was making another soon-to-be classic, Carlito's Way.I remember thinking this is a man who will never drop the ball as an actor- he will never give a bad performance- he will never not deliver....but you know what he has and it took only 88 Minutes.

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A Saint in a world of Sinners, 6 November 2007

Sitting at the Cinema Village the other night was a mind-blowing experience.There was more to Leroy "Nicky" Barnes: the man, then Cuba Gooding Jr: the actor could have ever portrayed in "American Gangster". Marc Levin has captured the real deal with "Mr. Untouchable", he paints a picture of the drug-infested landscape of the forgotten Harlem in the 1970's.We are reminded of how Harlem was before the War on Drugs was initiated in the Nixon administration.This was a true story of cops and robbers, dealers and kingpins, junkies and victims.Where bodies were dumped in the 1970's-hipsters now guzzle down Pumpkin Spice Lattes at the newest Harlem Starbucks.There will never be another Nicky Barnes.

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I was scared out of my damn mind!, 12 May 2007

"28 Days Later" really freaked me out-the camera work and fast- edits was so profound.I thought it couldn't get any better-then I seen "28 Weeks Later" and was stunned at how scary that world had become.I was glued to the edge of my seat, from the beginning of the movie-the heart-palpitating horror didn't cease until the closing credits.The zombies have clearly taken over...from what I seen in this hellish world there was plenty of fertile ground left for "28 Months Later" and "28 Years Later". I was blown away with the make-up and special visual effects-there were so many people involved with getting this film so right and so scary- I counted almost a thousand people in the credits on effects alone.

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Were Cameras Rolling when Redd Foxx died?, 20 February 2006

I seem to remember watching this show on a Monday night in the early '90s on CBS..I swear that I seen Redd Foxx have a heart attack and the crew running onto the sound-stage.I remember this as if it was yesterday as opposed to 15 years ago(time flies when you're not having fun-hay)This seemed like it would of been a great show, it had an awesome premise and also a certain someone that Mahalia Jackson discovered-a certain someone named Della Reese.They had the perfect fit together-I was just as impressed with those two in Harlem Nights also. Della Reese in my opinion is a strong black female actor- I wish she would do more stuff like Touched By Angel..I can't front-I watch that on PAX just for her.

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