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Wow...I expected more out of these two.
20 November 2008
I've enjoyed many of the other films that these two comedic actors have made, but I was disappointed with this one. When you have Vince and Owen, you aren't looking for a moving or thought-provoking film, but you expect to be entertained and, most importantly, you expect to laugh. This had very few moments that satisfied this expectation. A letdown.

It isn't that it was formulaic; there was familiar territory here to be sure, but it didn't go completely as I figured it would. It's just that they had some golden opportunities for laughs that they glossed over. The psychotic, clingy girlfriend could have been played up a lot more with the Vince's side of the story. The trailer made you think that they would use that more. All I can say is that it was disappointing.
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Spirited Away (2001)
What is wrong with you people?
7 January 2004
I rented this thing, based on movie critic recommendations and the comments on this site. Is this a case of the emperor's new clothes? I am not afraid to say that this is a complicated, unfocused mess! I will agree that it is very imaginative. Unfortunately, it is the over-active imagination of an 8 year old. I know there is some symbolism behind the story and imagery, but the weirdly meandering plot distracts you from appreciating it. I will also agree that it is very different from American animated fare. That is a warning and not a compliment. I now realize the stupid dialog and plot lines from the Japanese cartoons they show on Cartoon Network are par for the course.
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Men Behaving Badly (1996–1997)
a show with a promising start
28 August 2002
this could have been one of the greatest sitcoms the U.S. has ever seen. The first season was very strong; more so than other "greats" like the first seasons of Seinfeld, Friends, M.A.S.H, etc. The dynamics of the relationships between Kevin and Jamie, and Kevin and Sarah made for great TV. These were good comedic actors that worked together well and made us laugh week to week, also because the stories were based in realities of roommates and girlfriends. When the second season came along, and Kevin and Sarah were gone, everything that made the show great was gone. Did some idiot at the network fire them, or did they want off? Either way it killed a show that could have had many great seasons ahead of it.
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Great Film (Spoiler)
8 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Reading all the other comments, I find it amazing how varied people's tastes are when it comes to movies. I remember being blown away by the FX in Jurassic Park. However, one of the people that went with us said' "It was ok, but the dinosaurs looked fake." I guess it is because people focus on the wrong details. This film isn't really a love story (although the end might persuade you to think that). It is truly a story about mental illness, and it attempts to take the audience on a guided tour inside the mind of a paranoid-schizophrenic. I believe it handled this well, although there are flaws (no film is perfect). I'm sure it wasn't all that faithful to the real John Nash, but it did show that sometimes there is no "magical" pill or cure; defeating our demons can take a lifetime to achieve. This is what made this movie great, notwithstanding the big "plot twist". One more thing: no one has mentioned one of the clues to the delusions: there is a scene where Marcee is running around in a flock of pigeons and they remain motionless, like nobody is really there.
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Good, but not great
17 February 1999
They filmed II & III back to back, and it shows. The main actors, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, look and act tired, whether it is from exhaustion or from the tedium of the serious is unclear. Otherwise, I enjoy the exploration of both their characters.
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I watched the entire movie just out of morbid curiosity
5 February 1999
How did this movie suck? Let me count the ways. The plot made no sense. The subject matter was needlessly disturbing. Lynch couldn't make a coherent piece of film to save his life. I could go on and on, but this piece of crap isn't worth it. I just had to comment when I saw the laughingly high rating it has been given.
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2010 (1984)
Not as innovative, but was necessary to answer baffling questions
5 February 1999
Although I must agree that this movie is not as innovative, or visually stunning, I believe this sequel necessary, just to answer the question, "What the hell was that?" that everybody asked when 2001 first came to the screen. In that vein, I think this movie answers that question very well. Good acting, good special effects. Its a different kind of movie than the original, but if hadn't been, then we would all still be baffled by that bizarre ending.
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