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Inept Director Ruins the Show, 27 November 2008

There were great performances by some of the best magicians in the world, but you'd barely know it by watching this show. The director either hates magic or has no idea how to present a television program of this nature. At every turn, performances were undercut by outrageously bad visual choices. Instead of letting the act's talent speak for itself, the choice to frenetically cut among multiple cameras often ruined the effects, doing great disservice to the talent involved. At crucial moments, a bad angle, far shot or audience reaction took you out of the moment and spoiled the flow and impact of the effect in progress. It was maddening, especially during the first of the two syndicated hours. Could this be why there's no director's credit here on the IMDb page?

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Huge disappointment, 14 August 2006

The first was delightfully inventive, subversive and thoroughly entertaining. The follow-up, sadly, is a bloated and confused mess. Giving Depp little to work with, the strong lead character who drives the initial film has not evolved. This time around Sparrow's been reduced to a role of lesser import and, painfully, one comprised primarily of repetitive buffoonery.

Too many under-developed characters and a convoluted plot, the sequel relies on CG histrionics to sustain energy and fails miserably, collapsing under its own weight. Bill Nighy is terrific, easily giving the film's best performance. But Dead Man's Chest simply crumbles down around him and commits a film's worst sin: it becomes tedious and ultimately boring.

Of course, none of this matters one whit. Marketed to a fair-thee-well, this film has become a must-see event that has transcended the need to be an artistic success. Matrix 2 and 3 anyone?

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Boundless talent . . .totally wasted., 11 August 2003

I didn't expect sophisticated humor, but this film was a total mess. . and a shame. Dana is abundantly talented, but like Martin Short, crafting a film to spotlight that talent remains an elusive challenge. I hope he gets another chance to do it right. c

Joe Dirt (2001)
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Unwatchable., 12 May 2002

You'll have a better time stubbing your big toe and watching it

bleed. Had there been any apparent good intentions, one might go

with the flow and find something in this train wreck to enjoy.

Instead, the film reeks with a cynicism and lowest-common-denominator point-of-view that results in a total

waste of time.

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I had high expectations. They weren't realized., 21 January 2001

Having heard so many positive things about the book, I was

eagerly anticipating the movie version of ' All the Pretty Horses.' But

from the opening montage of languid closeups, horse eyes and

such, I feared the worst. Thornton's heavy-handed attempts at

artistic profundity quickly became over-wrought and boring.

While starting with promise, the film quickly descended into a

morass of dullness. Half way through, I almost lost the will to live.

The pacing was so slow, the events so un-involving, I couldn't wait

for the end credits to roll.

The Matrix (1999)
Unrealized potential, 23 September 1999

This film had the look and effects and the action. . .but lacked in story and humanity. It failed to follow-thorough in execution to become the satisfying science fiction tale it intended. The result was a comic book sketch of a film, rather than a fully realized one. 'Dark City' was a superior film in this genre that did accomplish a similar goal.

Good, but no cigar, 26 August 1999

Much like Bruce's 'Color of Night,' this one exists to serve its ending . ..and is ultimately less satisfying than the popular hype and success. Bruce was restrained ( good ). . . and the kid has abilities beyond his years. The young actor is the reason for seeing this one, not necessarily the creaky and oft-times slow plot.

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Sorry, not scary. I didn't get it., 15 August 1999

While I applaud the spirit of this film, it never 'took off' for me. I kept waiting for the scary part and found the film rather tedious. . .the lead actress more annoying than anything else. I can't recommend it and am amazed at all the fuss. This film would seem to be more about successful marketing than successful story telling.