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funny enjoyable movie, 18 February 1999

Undercover Blues is a great, enjoyable movie. The plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's not supposed to. You just have to go along with it and have a good time. The characters and their entertaining dialog are what make this film great. Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner are great as undercover agents Jeff and Jane Blue. Their interactions with the local police and Muerte are hilarious and the movie flows very nicely despite the fact that the plot is less than realistic. The movie is definitely worth the three bucks to rent at the video store, or in my case, the ten it took to buy it.

Excellent Movie, 18 February 1999

The Spanish Prisoner was an excellent movie. It's nice to see a movie that has a plot that is interesting, complex, and different than the same old stuff. This movie gives the audience some credit and doesn't assume them to be idiots like many films where the plot is excessively simple and predictable. The movie never stops to explain things, it merely gives hints here and there. The movie is very stingy in giving the viewer any information about what's going on, and this makes the film more entertaining. You never really know what's going on. I loved every minute of it. It's also nice to see a modern movie that isn't completely filled with sex, violence, and bad language. For some reason, it seems as though movie producers feel they can't make a good movie without these elements. The Spanish Prisoner proves this thinking to be wrong. It's a great movie that's different than what your used to. Go see it.

Armageddon (1998)
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The Worst Movie Ever Made, 18 February 1999

This is one of the worst. It was almost torture having to sit through it. This movie made no sense what so ever. The effects were cool and they casted some good actors but that's as far as they got. I just can't believe somebody actually wrote this and thought they had something good. The whole thing is just ridiculous. Nothing in the plot even comes into the same universe as believable. I tried to just ignore the silly plot and enjoy it, but it was just too much. The actors have very serious roles in a comedic plot and it just doesn't work. After sitting through this I wanted to ask for my money back. They should be paying me to have to see through it, a total waste of two hours.

Rear Window (1998) (TV)
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A Disgrace to the Original, 22 November 1998

This movie was a disgrace to the film Hitchcock directed in the 50's. Remaking this classic wasn't a bad idea, but they did a terrible job. They removed all of the elements that made the original great and all that was left was a bad TV movie. They would have done much better to stick closer to plot of the original.