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Horrible directing, acting, and FX. Why Quentin, why?
7 May 1999
This was one of the most horrible movies I have ever seen. I never thought it was possible to over direct, but Scott Spiegel somehow pulls it off. Every shot is made to look like the coolest shot ever done but they are not even close. The shots from inside the vampires mouths' are an incompetent attempt at trying to be cool. The acting was mediocre, but the script sucked (thanks again to Spiegel) and the FX were disastrous. Why Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino associate themselves with this movie is mind boggling. No wonder this movie went strait to video. If you ever want to see an example of what not to do see this movie. And finally what in the wide wide world of sports did the scene with Tiffany Amber-Theissen have to do with any thing? It was pointless and a waste of time. Overall the movie sucked.
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