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Joy (1977/I)
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Another well-made adult film, 27 October 2008

The true mark of any good skinflick, is not having to use the ffwd button on your remote. Such is the case with "Joy," which plays like a good mainstream B-movie. Sharon Mitchell comes across like a young Barbra Streisand. She's even able to cry on command! A humorous "Barney Miller" meets "Death Wish," this classic has above-average acting & storyline, lavish sets, on-location in NYC (most romanticized city in TV/film), and fairly arousing sex scenes. If you tire of today's assemblyine of porn (silicon, blonde, zero plot), then "Joy" is sure to be to your liking. Just like Classic Coke & Classic rock, Classic porn can do you no wrong! LOL!

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Plays like a good B-movie!, 25 November 2008

While most of the acting is subpar (excluding Georgina Spelvin), this is perhaps one of the better-made films of the "Johnny Wadd" detective series. The exterior shots in San Francisco lend to the overall feel of this film. Remember, during the Golden Age of Porn, there were only two locales where one could shoot: San Francisco (not The Valley) and New York City. In an age where today's run of the mill porn is filled with silicon, bad tattoos, bikini lines & gonzo camera-work, "The Jade Pussycat" comes as a breath of fresh air. Sidenote: look for a cameo by director Bob Chinn. -D, NYC "You think it's easy? I'd like to see Sir Laurence Olivier act with his dick out!" - RON JEREMY

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Had expected better..., 6 November 2008

While Bob Chinn is indeed a pioneer in his field, "Johnny Wadd" had very little storyline. The sex scenes had a lot to be desired as well. As a MILF lover, I will admit that it was refreshing to see an older women in one of the scenes. Most of the film takes place in one room. The exterior shots last all of a few minutes. As one who still prefers The Golden Age of Erotica, Chin still succeeds. "Johnny Wadd" still has a "feature film" feel. It's not today's run-of-the-mill assemblyline of camcorder porn, where all the chicks have bad tattoos, blonde hair, tan lines, and very little eroticism. Sorry, but spitting on genitalia is not arousing! As a curiosity, it's worth a view. Otherwise, there are far better classic films to be seen.

Giant (1956)
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Dean matures, 14 October 2008

As a "Deaner," what can be said that hasn't already been said?eh Flawless performance from an American film icon. "Giant" marked his second posthumous Academy Award nomination. The only actor to achieve such a feat. In light of this, I am astounded at the comments made that Dean was unconvincing as an aging Jhett Rink. Can you picture Leo DiCaprio in the same role? He simply doesn't have the maturity to pull it off. Dean had it, and he was only 24. And long before The Ewings, we had The Benedicts. Edna Ferber's brilliant masterpiece is brought to the silver screen. A sprawling epic that was years ahead of its time. Tackling racism and classism, this shall aways remain George Stevens' signature piece.

Raw Talent (1984)
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Plays Like A Good B-Movie! eh, 17 August 2008

As a NYer who grew up watching adult films from the Big '80s, "Raw Talent" was the seminal film for that decade. With a better than average storyline, Jerry Butler (Bklyn's own) was able to shine. He WAS the James Dean of porn! Graced with chiseled features and natural comedic ability, his performances were always unpredictable and wacky. The accompanying soundtrack was also above par. The subliminal psychadelia scene was straight out of Floyd & Zeppelin. Unfortunately, "Raw Talent" was re-released with major Politically Correct edits. The masturbatory cooked turkey scene, the forced sex scene over a toilet bowl, and all the karate scenes are nowhere to be found. Luckily, I managed to retain a copy during the height of my rental days! ehe If anyone is interested in seeing the uncut, original film, drop me a line.

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Provocative for its time!!, 13 February 2008

Recently saw this on cable, and was surprised to learn that it was released in 1957. I don't believe there's another mainstream film from the '50s that shows a major actress wearing nothing but a Wet-T? Sophia's bare bosom could clearly be seen through her clothing. This film also appears to have been the forerunner for "The Deep." While a tad slow-moving, the scenery and eye-candy more than makes up for it. -D, NYC "Thousands & thousands of details go into the making of a film. It is the sum total of all these things that either makes a great picture or destroys it" - David O. SELZNICK (one of the founding Jewih fathers of Hollywood - Paramount/RKO/MGM/Selznick International)

Grease 2 (1982)
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As most sequels tend to go, they never seem to live up to their predecessors. GREASE 2 being no exception. This film should have have never left the DRAWING ROOM TABLE. Abysmal on all accounts. Acting, screenplay, choreography, original musical score. Lacking all the elements that made the first one such a camp classic. Luckily for MICHELLE PFIEFFER, she hadn't been a SUPERSTAR as of yet. Can you imagine the enormity if she had!? It would have been the equivalent to KEVIN COSTNER'S WATERWORLD!heheheeheh

Miami Spice (1986) (V)
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Better than average directing...., 17 April 2011

Thanks to Svetlana, this fared better than it would have. IOW, I couldn't disagree more with the above reviewer. On-location scenes (including a yacht) outweighed the disposable storyline. Dare was hardly in the picture until the very end. The original music was similar to Miami Vice. They even used the red Lamborghini. In the end, the appearance and overall feel of the film played like a good B-movie. Danielle, Amber (look for the other Lynn (Porsche) toward the end), Sheri & Randy carried the entire film. When compared to today's assemblyline porn, classic erotica from the '70s & '80s can do you no wrong!

Finally, a Classic Adult Foreign import in its native tongue..., 28 June 2016

Having long frowned upon poorly English-dubbed imports, it was a breath of fresh to finally see Gourmet Video (GVC) release "The French Butler" in its native tongue. Including subtitles no less! As opposed to phony oohs & ahhs from voice-over actors (I use that term loosely) who are not "in the moment." Ultimately taking away from the eroticism and overall flow to a film. Unfortunately, most American distributors of European classics opt for dubbing. Starring the ubiquitous Gabriel Pontello, the sexual situations were average for a Euro classic. It may have fared better had it been shot on 35mm film, which always lends an air of sophistication. Overall, a rare chance to see native-speaking French performers in a Classic Erotic film.

First appeared on WHT's "Nightcap" back in the '80s, 8 September 2015

Had originally seen this on Wometco Home Theatre as an adolescent. WHT (beamed atop the Empire State Building) was the first pay cable network to feature "Nightcap" series of films - ie. Softcore. From my recollection, Housewife played like a well-made B-movie with seasoned performances from Jennifer Welles & Eric Edwards. Both of whom are legends in the Hardcore erotic world. Have no idea why this film has yet to find mass distribution? It would be nice to see Netflix, et al carry what is essentially an R-rated film. Particularly since they already carry Al Goldstein's Midnight Blue series. They simply don't make 'em like they used to!

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