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Almost Watchable, 8 June 2008

"To be a rock and not to roll" indeed! "Almost Famous" was Almost Watchable. A disappointing film with horrendous acting, awkward dialogue, and one-dimensional characters. How this film won for Best Writing Original Screenplay, is truly a mystery. Crowe's writing was far superior in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The dialogue was fresh and exciting. None of that could be found in Almost Famous. Sidenote: I continue seeing professional reviews that state: "Stillwater was based on Led Zeppelin." How so when the fictional band in the film makes mention of them? They sound or look nothing like Zep. One is better off sticking to "The Rose," "Rock Star" or "Spinal Tap."

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Visually Driven, 27 December 2001

While not a well received film, it was still highly enjoyable. Visually driven (in the same vein as Miami Vice) with enough goodies to keep you interested. Unfortunately, Vincent Spano never rose above his promising career of the '80s. Original soundtrack by Nile Rodgers perfectly accompanies the film. Now onto the absurd comments by UnrealKillerGirl. I guess you must have conveniently overlooked Park Avenue? LOL! One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the world. How 'bout Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sex & The City, The Gastineau Girls, Maid In Manhattan, Arthur, Barefoot In The Park, Autumn In New York, and a gazillion other films & TV shows that romanticize the Greatest City In The World?! Why not watch the above examples and get a more balanced view? Obviously, "Alphabet City" is merely a depiction of one neighborhood among hundreds that lie in The City That Never Sleeps. A neighborhood that is no longer riddled with crime. The NYC of today is quite a far cry from yesteryear. Since 1993, NYC has become the safest, largest city in the nation. Time Square (crossroads of the world) is one of the Top 10 family destinations in America for tourists. Yes, if you want to be bored out of your wits, by all means, stay in Dubuque! LOL! If you don't want to miss out on Broadway, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, 24/7 nightlife, Wall Street, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, MTV Studios in Times Square (crossroads of the world), Actors Studio, The United Nations, 5th Avenue, Yankee Stadium, Dave Letterman, SNL, Conan, Radio City Music Hall, Museum of Radio & TV, miles of food to explore from hundreds of nations, then shlep on down and quash your misconceptions! Otherwise, you will miss out on the world, because everything can be found in Gotham City! It wasn't nicknamed "The State That Has Everything" for its health! eh -D, NYC "I moved into my apartment Sept. 10. In one day I saw the worst but also the best of New York. Its people are glorious, marvelous. The best. First-run movies? We got it. Tops in theater? We got it. Ballet, opera, circus, concerts. More culture here, more in the way of arts than anywhere in the world. New York is the Athens of today" - MATT DAMON (as told to Cindy Adams of Page 6, NY Post - oldest, continuously published newspaper in America; founded by one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton).."New York City has the zoo, aquarium, museums, fashion center, diamond center, U.N., Statue of Liberty; and it's got the Yanks and the Mets; and it's got every kind of food but lousy; and it's the home of the one-namers like Harrison, Dustin, Calvin, Katie, Rosie, Bianca, Bernadette, Matt, Bryant, Vanessa, Julia, Halle, Gwyneth, Donald, Ivana, Puffy" - CINDY ADAMS (Page 6, NY Post)

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What's cooking!? While I believe in the ole adage "To each his or her own," I was astounded to see such askew critiques from half of all responses. AMERICAN POP is where the exception must be drawn!!! RALPH BAKSHI is heralded as a pioneer. Prior to being the first major animator to use ROTOSCOPE (drawing over live action), he had already made a name for himself with the TV animated cartoon MIGHTY MOUSE. Have we also conveniently forgotten about FRITZ THE CAT!? The first animated feature to receive an MPAA X-RATING. As for the comparisons to JAMES DEAN, WW II, etc!? The entire essence of this film was to chronicle the lives of one Jewish Immigrant family, whilst using Americana culture as the foreground. There's no way of getting around those events. By that very rationale, every LONER & OUTCAST in film could then be considered a parallel to DEAN. How is that intentional on the part of the filmmakers!? DEAN may have been the first American teenager on celluloid, but he sure as hell won't be the last!! As to the accompanying soundtrack of the film!? Exceptional on all accounts. I cannot fathom how one user claims "Bob Seger was to be considered punk." Where in that film did they purport that his music was such!? In fact, the punk segment/song featured PRETTY VACANT by THE SEX PISTOLS and HELL IS FOR CHILDREN by PAT BENATAR. Both songs coincide perfectly with that era. Are you referring to the scene where they begin playing NIGHT MOVES on the piano!? You forget that NIGHT MOVES had been a running theme throughout the film. It symbolized the innocence and youth of the protagonist. Thus being used again as he became a man, during the '70s. Perhaps that is why many confused the song w/ the latter part of the film. We forget that many musicians have eclectic tastes. I should know, being one myself. You can dress PUNK, and still dig JAZZ!! There's no law which states that you have to listen to one form of music. Lastly, you'd be hard pressed to find AMERICAN POP any list of TOP WORST FILMS. Especially since we have enough of films by ADAM SANDLER, STEVEN SEAGAL and PAULY SHORE to choose from!heheh

A Storm in Summer (2000) (TV)
Has Heart & Chutzpah!, 15 June 2015

Despite uneven acting at times, this film still had its heart in the right place. Peter Falk (Jewish in real life) gives the best performance of the entire cast. Aaron Meeks (Herman D. Washington) had natural acting promise, but still needed a few more acting lessons. The scene where he cries was simply not convincing at all. If his adult IMDb credit list is any indication to the above, he never applied whatever talent he may have had, as his adult credits were all relegated to bit roles. Natassja Kinski was terribly miscast. Hokey acting throughout. Nice to see Andrew McCarthy with somewhat long, hippie hair. Overall, a nice tightknit film that focused on storyline rather than most of the unoriginal CGI-laded shlock of today.

Basquiat (1996)
Style over substance, 24 August 2017

Despite watching this repeatedly on Pay cable, Wright's performance was simply too laid back. I doubt the actual Basquiat was this subdued. Soundtrack was memorable, as were the on-location shots of NYC. While Basquiat dropped out of High School at 15, it still makes me proud to know that he attended my Alma Mater, Edward R. Murrow. Along with Marisa Tomei, Adam Yauch, and Darren Aronofsky, ERM was Bklyn's version of FAME (LaGuardia HS for The Performing Arts). ERM had The Joseph Papp Theatre and its own Planetarium. It was a unique school that produced many talented artists and entertainers.

Eerily similar plot to "Malice" with Alec Baldwin, 18 August 2017

Recently saw this on pay cable. The look of the film teetered between B-cable movie and Theatrically released. You had fairly recognizable stars, many of whom were miscast. Screenplay was written by none other than Robbie Benson. Have not seen him as an actor in many years. "Betrayal Of The Dove" was nothing more than an enjoyable Guilty Pleasure. Billy Zane was as quirky as ever. Also refreshing to see the late Alan Thicke portray a villain.

Born to Run (1993) (TV)
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Modern-day reworking of Rebel Without A Cause, 20 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As far as B-movies go, this one was above par. "Deaners" will surely get a kick out of seeing Greico donned in full Rebel regalia, right down to his white tee, jeans & Red windbreaker jacket. There's even a scene where Greico goes to the police station to report a death at one of the drag-racings gone wrong. Sound familiar? The Rebel coincidences keep on coming: say hello to a Sal Mineo type who looks up to Greico's character! eh And the son who longs to have his father's approval. The camera-work when Greico is in the car preparing to drag, is also straight out of Rebel. While most of this film takes place in the dark, it still managed to keep my interest.

Box Ball (1977)
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Cringe-inducing..., 24 July 2012

I can only recommend this mini-movie porn as a novelty. Gives a whole new meaning to AC/DC's "Big Balls." LOL! You'll never quite think about your Short & Curlies in the same light again. Both participants appear to be well into middle-age. The male is uncircumcised, which certainly adds to the cringing aspect. The female is a tad overweight and slightly homely. This short is usually found on Video-X-Pix's Special Features menu. I don't believe it can be obtained elsewhere. IOW, you have to be lucky enough to find the film that features it. If anyone is interested in a copy, drop me a line. A few bucks gets you a copy. Take care. -D

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Provocative for its time!!, 13 February 2008

Recently saw this on cable, and was surprised to learn that it was released in 1957. I don't believe there's another mainstream film from the '50s that shows a major actress wearing nothing but a Wet-T? Sophia's bare bosom could clearly be seen through her clothing. This film also appears to have been the forerunner for "The Deep." While a tad slow-moving, the scenery and eye-candy more than makes up for it. -D, NYC "Thousands & thousands of details go into the making of a film. It is the sum total of all these things that either makes a great picture or destroys it" - David O. SELZNICK (one of the founding Jewih fathers of Hollywood - Paramount/RKO/MGM/Selznick International)

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Excels as a courtroom drama, 14 October 2008

As a courtroom drama, this film exceeds. Mainly due in part to the splendid performance by Jack Thompson. As a war drama, I would have liked to see the POV from the Boers themselves. Overall, the acting and storyline was subdued. I came away unfulfilled. A bunch of Aussies & Brits are fighting farmers (aka Boers), who wanted to escape British Imperialism? So what? LOL! Let them have their land and freedom. If not for the absurd outcome of Harry "Breaker" Morant and the rest, this story would be nothing more than a mere footnote in history. If you are a fan of TV's "The Equalizer," this film may pose some interest, in that you get to witness Edward Woodward's early film career.

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