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Final Fantasy IV (1991) (VG)
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Not especially my cup of tea...., 22 October 1999

Well,I don't especially despise FF4,but I don't feel especially pleased with it either.There are a bit of flaws I pointed out.

One,the lack of character development.The characters barely express any personallity.The only characters that showed any personallity were Cecil,those twin mage children and Goblez.But the others characters just seem to come and go.I barely showed sympathy to all the characters that died.

Yoshitaka Amano's designs were not that great.They looked too bland and hard to make out.Quite a low point for poor Amano -_-

The story.Sounded like a good idea,but poorly executed,due to a few plotholes.

Mabye if all this stuff were corrected,it would have been a good game.But at least FF5 was a major improvement.

Alice (1987)
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Very strange....I like it ^-^, 14 October 1999

Here is the first best adaption of "Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland". If you have thought it was nothing but a cutesy little story, think again!Although this only got a PG rating in the UK and Australia, it is indeed nightmarish, but the blood isn't realistic though. This one captures all the stuff the Disney version and the 1999 version left out. What a pity. I hope I find this someday and catch it on tape.

The Ewok Adventure (1984) (TV)
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It's not that bad,I've seen worse guys!, 16 September 1999

Come on,I've seen worse "Star Wars" spin-offs (the X-mas special comes to mind ~-~).I know alot of people either love this film or hated it,but there was some campiness and some touching scenes that attracted me to this.It was rather entertaining since I was little.It's just been so long ago!!!

Chrono Trigger (1995) (VG)
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I LOVE THIS GAME!!!, 13 September 1999

What a fun game square has to offer!!!Crono and his friends go back and forth through time,from 64,000,000 BCE to 2300 CE,tracking down Ravos and the infamous Queen Jeen Zeal,for whom I can't stand (I also hate Maru's guts too).Everyone else I like in the game.I love the idea on traveling back and forth and even CHANGING things.How fun can that be?

This is the coolest Square Super Famicom game,alongside "Rudra's Treasure","Seiken Densetsu 3" and "Romancing SaGa" trillogy.I just hope "Chrono Cross" will be just as good,I just hope it won't be as bad as FF8!

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One of Nickelodeon's most funniest shows., 27 August 1999

This series marks the foundation of Nickelodeon!"You Can't Do That On Television" is one of the most funniest and original of the Nick shows out there.One of my favorites of the kids is Vanessa Lidores of "The Racoons" fame.This was back when Alanis Morrisette was an innocent actress and disco singer and not a irritating Playboy-posing skank we all know her as now!

Favorite parts and episodes I remember:Barth's Burgers (it's always a mystery of what he puts in the burgers!),the Monsters,Monsters everywhere episode,Whenever someone acts dumb and gets slugged with slime (a trademark) and The boy and his sissy parents.

I truly wish Nickelodeon would take the crap off and put this back on!I heard at least this is on video in Canada.

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Perhaps the best adaption since the 1971 Turkish version!, 27 August 1999

I absolutely love this film and I hate to see this get bashed,remember,appeals to Brits and Americans are different (Dark Crystal,for example).The cast of characters are very interesting and for a change,the villainess is actually NOT ugly for once(I'm tired of seeing ugliness as evil)!!!

Oh,and I saw a person here complain about this being called a Children's film,yet having dismemberment in it.Kid's movies in Japan,South Korea,Hong Kong,Phillipines and Taiwan have that kinda stuff in it too,so I'm not complaining,NOT ALL Children's films should be like "Barney Great Adventure"!What a pity -_-

If you have the chance to,watch this right away!!!

Tidal Wave (1973)
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Japan's "Irwin Allen disaster", 26 August 1999

In this Japanese film,Japan knows disaster will strike at any time,but all the other foreign countries are arguing on who is going to help Japan.As some Japanese people take refuge to Africa,there is where the excitement begins.Volcanoes,Earthquakes,Hurricanes,Rain and eventually,a Tsunami sooner or later at what appears at the end,the USA and Great Britain saves the day.

Okay okay,this ain't no "Dante's Peak" nor "Volcano" nor "Twister",but it is better acted and more realistic than those big-budget stinkers!

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The most in-famous of the series!, 26 August 1999

Well,mabye except for "Godzilla's Revenge",this is the most doofious one of the Gojira/Godzilla series.Here,we get to meet Megalon,as Crow would say "He looks like a Christmas Tree Monster",Gaigan's last appearance in a movie (this probably killed his career),Jet-Jaguar,a UltraMan wannabe and not to mention a really whiny,sniveling brat to top it all off.

The best versions are the MST3K version and the NBC version,where John Belushi runs around in a shoddy Godzilla suit.

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Fun show, 20 August 1999

This is one of my favorite shows by Bill Cosby. I wish they would bring this back on Cartoon Network or at least on Video or DVD. Just too bad I found it only on *bleah* Beta!

Please bring this back. It's been so long.

Final Fantasy III (1994) (VG)
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, 20 August 1999

"Final Fantasy VI",beside FF7 is the best of the recent series. The storyline is good, the play design, neat spells and well, here we are at character development. The (hero) character I really can't stand is CELES! I think she is such a snotty young "thing" and the storyline gets way too depressing when it starts focusing on her and Lock is afraid to like such a girl and sometimes you'd wish Kefka would kill her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, okay, I'd better calm down,well, at least I like some of the other characters. This game was a breakthough for Square at the time, and it spawned such classics like "Chrono Trigger","Seiken Densetsu 3","Romancing SaGa 3","Treasure Hunter G" and "Rudra's Treasure".

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