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Dark, sexy and smart., 12 November 1998

"Let the Devil Wear Black" is dark, sexy and smart modern interpretation of "Hamlet". Distinctively noirish, this clever film maintains a fast and steady pace that explores the deep rooted psyches of the main characters. Although the film surely would be characterized as a thriller, the writing and directing are strong enough to justify "Devil" as a character piece as well. Stacy Title's wry sense of humor is apparent from beginning to end. Furthermore, Ms. Title's shooting style, complemented by Jim Whittaker's cinematography, is more imaginative and animated as compared to her previous film "The Last Supper". This film is funny, tragic and engaging. It is truly a gem and not to be missed.

Totally Cool!, 16 September 1998

I've seen a lot of shorts and this one was one of the best I've seen. The plot, characters and action was really amazing. I wanna see more stuff by the writers and director.

Outstanding Short Film!, 7 September 1998

"Drive Baby Drive (1996)" is Paul Rachman's award winning short film that focuses on two couples on a road trip as they hurtle towards their inescapable destiny. The film captures the essence of jealousy, desperation, and terror all with a maniacal sense of glee as the foursome travels toward an inevitable and ultimate collision. The film has excellent performances from Richmond Arquette, Leland Helfland and Cynthia Ettinger. The acting performance that stands out the most, however, is that of Jason Cairns who will, I'm sure, soon become a household name. All in all, I am eagerly awaiting Mr. Rachman's feature film debut as he is obviously a filmmaker with vision, creativity and inspiration!