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A great movie about friendship and baseball, 9 September 1998

This movie shows us the best part of baseball. Because it is set in the early 1960's, when the game of baseball was still dominated by the game itself and not the multi-million dollar deals, there is a feeling of peace and innocence about the game. In all, this is a great movie for anyone who loves the game of baseball for the game itself or those who remember this time.

Duck Soup (1933)
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The Best Comedy of All Time, 15 August 1998

Many will say that Airplane or anything by Woody Allen rates this summary but I strongly disagree. There are very few pleasures on earth as hearing Groucho insult people, Chico's murder of the English language, or seeing Harpo's physical comedy. In this movie you have it all. From Groucho's entrance in the first scene to the bombing of the shelter while defending Margaret Dumont's "honor", there is not one slow moment. Like the great screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s, this movie does not require special effects or offensive dialogue to make it watchable over and over again. The only thing that this movie does require is your attention and a quick finger on the rewind button. (For when you miss something, and on the first viewing you will) All in all, this is the all time best comedy, political or otherwise.

A Great Movie, 10 August 1998

This is one of the best movies I have seen in along time. It is quite explicit and sometimes disturbing, but well worth the time. I recommend it to anybody who is not squeamish and can handle the subject matter. The entire cast is wonderful, particularly Mark Wahlberg and Heather Graham.

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A great movie, but only an adequate sequel, 10 August 1998

This movie is a great showcase for Tommy Lee Jones. I have been a fan of his since I saw The Fugitive. US Marshals is a great movie if you haven't seen The Fugitive. If you have, the storyline seems to be a case of deja vu. A man is arrested for a crime he didn't commit and is chased by Sam Gerard. Yada, Yada, Yada. The supporting characters are just as good, but what is the deal with killing off Newman? He had the best scene in the original with Sam (the chocolate doughnut with the sprinkles line) and he had great potential as a protege in the second. In itself, this movie is a great ride. It is exciting and makes for a good diversion. As a double feature with The Fugitive, it seems stale and unoriginal.

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Cinderella for the 90's, 4 August 1998

This movie is excellent. It was quite refreshing to see a Cinderella story where she doesn't rely on the prince to get her out of sticky situations. Drew Barrymore is surprisingly good as Danielle, the Cinderella character. Her co-star, Dougray Scott, portrays Prince Henry as a complex and intellegent young man. He knows what he wants but is unsure how to get it. What makes this film fun, though, is the evil stepmother Rodmilla and the evil stepsister Margurite. (I don't consider Jacqueline evil because she turns out to be a good person.) The scenes where these two scheme and pry their way into the royal family are hilarious and their punishment is deserved. In all, this movie is one to see over and over again.

Almost Better than the Original, 29 July 1998

This remake of the 1960s classic is almost better than the original. I was skeptical if Lindsay Lohan could recapture the charm of Haley Mills, but she pulls it off wonderfully. Unlike the parents in the original, Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid aren't fighting all the time. They are instead playing two people who married and divorced very quickly but never lost their feelings for one another. This is one of the best family films I have seen in quite a while. I would recommend it to fans of the original because it is just as charming and there are many little in-jokes referring to the 1960s version. I would also recommend it to those who have yet to see the original, but are great fans of Disney films.