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Iron Man (2008)
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A good movie (only) for kids..., 8 May 2016

In my opinion, not nearly as good as everybody says. In a nutshell, a very good movie, but suitable only for kids (but rated PG13...?)

Why, one would ask? Well, for starters because of its moronic plot and one-dimensional characters. Granted, I am not a fan of superhero pictures (I think that they are much better printed in comic books, where they belong), but having said that, there are some outstanding movies based on comic books out there that are far, far better than Iron Man (the Batman and Spiderman franchises come to mind). Iron Man's story is so simple, so childish, I am certain even many kids will find it uninteresting.

But then again, what do I know? The majority of the critics and an overwhelming part of the viewing public loves the movie! It's probably just me again, I just don't get it... As usual.

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I beg to disagree..., 3 April 2016

I beg to disagree with almost everyone on this one. There is nothing overtly 'artistic' about this movie. It treats real, tragic events with total superficiality and no feelings. The mafia bosses are pathetic caricatures, not bloodthirsty killers and cutthroat businessmen. It all looks like a 'see no evil, hear no evil do-good- er' cartoon...

I was there in those years, and I can assure everyone, there was nothing even remotely funny or entertaining in the affairs pictured in the movie. In this film everything is pictured as if it was all a joke, as if the dead weren't really dead, as if the mafia was a bunch of unruly kids, and nothing 'really' ever happened. Well, it all might be good in today's politically correct environment where all is forgotten and forgiven, but as I said at the beginning of this review, I beg to disagree...

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Very good for kids!, 3 April 2016

Every time that I sit down to watch an animated movie nowadays, I inevitably end up surprised by the visual quality of the animations, and this film was no exception. The visuals are stunning (I watched the motion picture in 2D, as i am no fan of 3D for the time being). You could see many of the effects are intended for 3D, but even as 2D they are uniformly excellent and very exciting to watch. The story itself is rather simplistic and intended mostly for children, as are the dialogs.

I watched it together with my wife and 8 year old daughter who found the movie to be excellent. My wife on the other hand thought it to be extremely boring. Myself, I am probably somewhere in-between the two extremes. I found this to be a very decent, professionally made animated movie mainly aimed at a younger audience, and in that it fulfills its purpose totally. Recommended.

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Amusing, but below average..., 28 March 2016

Relatively amusing, below average movie. It's OK for a rainy afternoon if you want to turn your brain off and have nothing better to do.

The acting is quite good throughout, and the script is passable. Everything else like the cinematography, sound, etc. is done quite professionally, in the best tradition of modern Italian comedies, but there are many clichés, there is nothing original or extremely funny about this movie.

In the end, it is still mildly entertaining though, and never boring, so I suppose it shouldn't be shunned altogether. Watch it if you enjoy such movies, just do not expect too much.

Omnivores (2013)
A very original premise, but..., 28 March 2016

This is a movie with a fantastic, very original premise. It avoids (considering it's main theme) the 'easy' path to the slippery slope that leads straight to the trash / slasher type of B- movie that most such productions end up being. Yet, it also falls far short of its potential.

It never manages to go 'deeper' and explore the reasons that lie behind it's premise; 'what is there left when one has and has tried everything there is to have and to try?' This is such an interesting and philosophically exhilarating topic that it could and should have been exploited. In doing this, it would have raised this film to an entirely different level. If it had spent time in the characterization of the protagonists, the motives that drive them and the omnipresent influence of our exasperated consumer society, this motion picture could have been a masterpiece. Alas, this wasn't even attempted, which leaves it stranded somewhere between a 'tame' slasher movie and a potentially great but thwarted artistic accomplishment.

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Essentially, rather boring..., 27 March 2016

Oh my god, this one is hard to review... Yes, the acting is good throughout, there is nothing wrong with the cinematography, the dialogs are not bad, the characterization, etc, etc... The problem however is that this is in essence a boring movie, 90 minutes of a story about nothing. We never get to care about any of the protagonists, what happens to them or not. Very much like the art of the main character, the movie is an abstraction we are supposed to call art, because some critic or other says so. In the movie, even the artist is waiting to hear from the critic if his accomplishments are to be 'art' or not.

Furthermore, if the film was to be a depiction of the roaring seventies, it is lacking in all aspects, it is far too much engaged in a mass of unnecessary details to paint for us anything of real relevance. I read somewhere that this film is supposed to be an autobiographical biopic of Lucchetti's childhood. If this is the case, I can understand how it can be interesting and compelling for him and his immediate family, but hardly to anyone else.

The Invasion (2007/I)
A high budget version of a Sy-Fy made for TV movie..., 17 October 2015

Half decent thriller, I wasn't bored, so I decided to give it a 6/10 which is probably slightly more than it deserves. Basically, this was just a slightly better, high budget version of a Sy-Fy made for TV movie. The science is bad (or non-existent), there is little (or no) attention to detail, etc... What the movie has going for it however is Nicole Kidman... Even though this is certainly not a role she will be remembered for, she carries the movie almost single handedly. Daniel Craig is basically wasted here, I don't even know what he was paid for in this film, his role is so marginal it makes no sense in my mind to enroll such a star and then do nothing with him... The rest is all average, the music, the cinematography, the script, etc. It will kill an hour and a half of your time decently though, so what the heck!

Spielberg has done it again!, 17 October 2015

I agree with almost everybody on this one: this is definitely a very good film. The first part is excellent and is almost certainly destined to become part of cinematic history. The original music score and the special effects are uniformly excellent and the cinematography very good.

Having said all the above however, I did also find some faults (albeit small) hence the rating of (only) 8/10. Let's try to explore some briefly: I think the story was a bit lacking, slightly oversimplified. More in- depth characterization would have improved the movie in my opinion. Apart from this, I also think (and i am well aware that most will disagree with me here) that Tom Hanks was completely miscast here. To me (even though he is undoubtedly a great actor), he never even remotely resembles the tough, no-nonsense, war hero he is supposed to be playing. Just think of John Wayne in a very similar role in 'The Longest Day' and you will probably see what I mean.

Havind said the above though, this is and remains an excellent film. Spielberg has done it again!

Rogue (2007)
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Remember 'Jaws' anyone?, 29 September 2015

I totally disagree with most of the critics on this movie. This was simply a below average 'creature' horror flick, and nothing more. Oh, and I almost forgot; the finale is one of the most ridiculous and over the top I have ever seen (and I have seen some, believe me)! The only positive comment I have would be for the cinematography which is uniformly very good, especially the spectacular shots of the scenery of the Australian outback.

Anybody still remembers 'Jaws'? Now that was a real horror movie! People must have very short memories in order to give this motion picture such high marks.

Rango (2011)
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Good, but..., 29 September 2015

It's hard for me to review this movie. I have mixed feelings about much of the film. Yes, the visual experience is fascinating, the movie has flashes of pure genius, some of the dialog is witty and entertaining, etc...

But, then there is the nonsensical story, the absence of anything resembling a real plot, and... the sickeningly politically correct last part of the motion picture. I will not explain further what it is about in order to avoid any possible spoilers, but it is typically 'green dogooder' Hollywood, inserted into the movie without any plausible reason whatsoever other than to subtly impress upon the viewer a political opinion without seeming to be openly doing so. This is what I call 'brainwashing', and it is despicable, the worst sort of propaganda.

So there you have it, certainly a good movie, but also one that leaves a (very) sour taste in the mouth (at least for me).

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