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Don't listen to the negatives, 1 December 2001

Let's face it, this movie is a classic. Don't listen to that Dick (excuse me "Richard") that hates 80's movies; Aliens ROCKS. Hoosiers ROCKS. The Back to the Future series ROCKS. Plus, who can forget The Terminator? That's only a few movies out of many films I can name that are good that came out of the 80's.

For this classic, you might not want to pay too much attention to the plot. It's the characters and their development that highlights this gem. Judd Nelson is the best here, and with good development too. Also, not only is it funny, but there is great perception here (questions such as why do jocks have to act "cool" around each other?). My advice: at least rent it.

Aliens (1986)
Outdoes the original in every way!, 28 October 2001

Alien was an excellent movie. A bit slow-moving, but a good horror film. Aliens is even BETTER. Sigourney Weaver is even better here as Ripley and the action and horror never flag. Classic, filled with action and horrific aliens, it's no wonder this movie remains the best mix of horror and sci-fi today. Way to go James Cameron!

GoldenEye (1995)
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I must have been a fool..., 28 October 2001

A long time ago I gave this movie a bad review. A couple years later I bought it and watched it again. I must say that I was entirely wrong in my review. It has every Bond element that has made the others so wonderful. Pierce Brosnan is excellent in his first outing as Bond, while Sean Bean is equally as good as his former ally Alec. The action never flags; the only fault in the movie is Eric Serra's very poor music score.

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Diamonds and some rust, 28 October 2001

This caper was noteworthy for bringing back Sean Connery into his famous role and director Guy Hamilton (Goldfinger). This is a peculiar Bond; While it pushes all the right buttons, it is also a very unsettling Bond. Connery does his most wooden performance ever ("for the money, not for the art") and there's an odd sense of unpleasantness surrounding this one. The action sequences still fair, however, and the cool blend of action, romance, and humor is still present. If you haven't seen it, see it... but don't expect another Goldfinger.

Dr. No (1962)
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Somewhat dull, but good overall, 28 October 2001

The first Bond movie was somewhat dull in its action scenes. However, Dr. No can not be dismissed. Connery is excellent as usual, and there is a good supporting cast consisting of Jack Lord, Ursula Andress, and Joseph Wiseman as the title villain. It might be a bit rough compared to later Bonds, but it's still a classic.

Not bad, 22 January 2001

As much times I have heard this bashed, this movie wasn't bad at all. Even though the ending seemed rather rushed, the movie was still very enjoyable. Expecting to come out with some insight into the woman psyche is absolutely ludicrous, since the human brain in general is a VERY hard topic to explore. I thought Mel Gibson was fabulous, and who can forget Alan Alda (Hawkeye from "M*A*S*H") in a small but memorable role?

I recommend at least viewing it once. Kind of short than expected, but the movie did have its moments (some of them owed to Mel). Give it a shot.

The Best Star Trek movie!, 22 January 2001

Of all the Star Trek movies, this one remains my favorite. The only thing I would've wished from this film: Kirk and Khan should've had more interaction. Other than that, this film is near perfect! William Shatner does his best here as James T. Kirk, and the humor and sci-fi action\adventure scenes are fantastic. Plus, the Spock death scene was very dramatic. This one, Star Trek IV, Star Trek VI, and First Contact will remain as the best Trek movies.

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Great (sort-of) Bond movie., 12 January 2001

This non-Broccoli Bond is actually quite decent. Sure, the music score (and the title song noteably) and the script weren't that great, but Sean Connery's performance and some action sequences save this film from being a total failure. It's not that bad actually... I found A View To A Kill and (don't shoot me) Dr. No worse than this one.

One of the greatest sci-fi movies ever!, 12 January 2001

Exciting action\adventure\scifi film! This movie was very, very good in every aspect. Even if the special effects are outdated (The Terminator effects were stop-animation), it is still a classic movie. Arnold was perfectly casted as the Terminator, which (ironically) would've gone to Lance Henriksen, but Arnold pushed to have the part. Great movie, I highly recommend this one!

Excellent sequel!, 12 January 2001

This movie was really good, with Arnold playing the good guy this time around. I can't say if this is better than the first one... this one has some great special effects (especially the liquid metal), spectacular action sequences, and Robert Patrick... but it wasn't nearly as intense as the first one. Go figure, though, because you have Arnold as the good Terminator.

Arnold has that menacing look that really convinces you that he's evil. Robert Patrick is a great actor, but he doesn't look evil. It's the special effects that makes him look evil.

On the plus side, this one is much funnier and the relationship between the Terminator and John Connor is hilarious. I especially liked it when John was teaching him not to kill anyone. Also, the ending was very touching and sad, it made you not want Arnold to die.

I guess it depends on what you like in the Terminator movies. The first one has intense action and a fresh look at science fiction... the second one has great relationships between Arnold and Sarah and John, while possessing special effects that will knock your socks off. For me, I love them both. =)

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