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"Medabots" (1999)
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Humor's there, Likeable characters are there, Good story's there, I'm there., 30 September 2002

I can't believe this anime has been around for over a year and I'm just now finding out about it! This series is great. The earlier episodes were very funny, while the older to recent episodes are very interesting.

"Medabots" is about a kid named Ikki (or how the closed-captioning person spells it in many earlier episodes: "Ikky") who buys a Medabot named Metabee and battle other Medabots while lots of stuff happens between and around all of the battles. For example: trouble at school, out of school, at home, or problems with the loser-posse known as the "Rubberobos." It's based equally on Medabot fighting, as it is on other interesting things.

Artificial Intelligence fighters in the year 2122. "Now _I've_ seen it all!" It could be a possibility though...

"Beyblade" (2001)
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Good series but has some flaws, 15 September 2002

"Beyblade" is about a kid named Tyson and his friends who go/travel around battling others with their beyblades (a metallic top-like thing). That's what this series is mostly about and that's it's flaw, that and the fact that there was never exactly a clear explanation of what a "bit beast" was/came from etc. However if you look past those, it's a good series with excellent animation and original music. They should focus on more than just beyblade battling and practicing though.

Also, I see all of these toys being sold related to this series. I hope this is not just a big advertisement to sell toys (no big surprise if so, wasn't the first time _that's_ happened!).

I wonder how long they can keep this going...

Corduroy (1984) (TV)
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I remember this! I think..., 8 August 2002

I remember watching a movie about a bear named Corduroy Bear and what happened after he noticed he lost a button on his overalls. This must be it. I can't find any other movies that were produced close to the time I was in first grade (when I first saw it). Pretty good frame-by-frame animation considering the year it was made. If only I could find a tape of this I'd be happy.

My rating if I could: 4 out of 4.

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Great Cartoon!, 28 May 2002

This cartoon loosely revolves around the misadventures of 6 fire-fighting dalmatians named: Steamer, Hozer, Squirt, Crystal, Brook, and ????, that happen to live in a cat & dog world. When I saw that this was on the Family channel I thought it was intended for small children. Boy I was very wrong, this is for anyone who can enjoy a good animated series. BTW, awesome theme song and original music. Check it out! "Hoze Houndz" currently airs twice daily on the Family channel.

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This was the coolest thing of the early '90s, 20 January 2002

This show was composed of muppet type characters that did funny things and also taught stuff too. If you remember "Fraggle Rock" and "Muppet Babies" then you'll know exactly what this show was like. I think it's being shown on the Noggin channel.

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Excellence at it's gist., 5 January 2002

This movie is worth checking out. Even though it's predictable, the events that happen as this movie unfolds are funny as hell. Especially the part when Eddie has the baby in his lap under his coat and the police are asking him whether or not he has seen any babies today. The baby lights Eddie's lighter - - the rest you'll have to see to believe. I rated this 10 out of 10 stars, and I agree with the first person who said "Drink your bottle of milk and enjoy this predictable film," because that's exactly what you should do. Don't take it seriously or else you'll miss the point.

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Funny and Great!, 13 December 2001

Worth a watch, this great cartoon is practically about a teenager (Andy) and his best friend (Danny) who go around pulling pranks on the people of East Gackle mainly at his school, and they're always funny too! What to expect in an episode: Andy and Danny pull prank, everyone finds out Andy and Danny pulled the prank, everyone chases Andy and Danny down, Andy rips pants exposing boxer shorts, the end. Properly executed and creative cartoon, catch it on ABC Family (formerly FOX Family) until they change the schedule, weekdays 7am CST, and weekends 1pm CST!

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One of the few shows FOX shouldn't have canned!!!, 17 November 2001

The reruns that I saw in the summer of two-thousand-one on PBS were very interesting, seeing how other people live their lives, and what obstacles they had to face.

Now that I look back I wonder why FOX canceled this series, sure it does not have very much-- wait, actually it has no hype, but it's still a very good series.

If they happen to do something like this again, hopefully they will put some hype into it, it might make the show last longer. The idea was great, the content was good, I'd rate this show 3.5 of 4 stars.

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D-a-a-a-a-yum!, 8 October 2001

Yee-Haw!! The circus is in town y'all. Looking for a show with invalids, fools, stupid children, an obese mom, and an idiotic priest?!?! Well end your searching, you've come to the right place! Or did you stumble on to this show by accident? It's not a waste! All you need is several episodes on tape, a bunch of creative friends who have a great sense of humor, and a Friday with nothing planned; results would be unforgettable.

This show can be summarized with only one word: corny. The acting is so fake and unbelievable, and what's with the little girl she is so annoying. Writing is terrible. AND I think there's some brainwashing going on between the episodes.

Anyone who is paranoid about anything bad ever happening to them, don't watch this show-- it's breeding ground for brain tumors!

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Deserved a better time slot., 27 September 2001

This show came on late night Friday/early morning Saturday. If If NBC had put this show in with their Friday prime time shows it would have survived.

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