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Forgotten classic, 9 November 1998

I was pleasantly surprised by this film, which came on the late, late show last month. I had never heard of the film or the filmmaker before. The film itself is a small gem - an entertaining story, full of surprises and plot twists, with a "message" to boot. You will not be disappointed by this one!

The best movie ever made, 9 November 1998

Forget about Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind - this Kubrick classic is the best movie ever made. The movie alternates between the deepest political issues of the day and pure farce. Its "messages" about the dangers of nuclear war should speak louder today than in 1963. As the English writer Martin Amis concluded (regarding nuclear war), it is thinkable!

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One of the worst films of the 1980's, 9 November 1998

This film - which is one of the worst films of the 1980's - is not even worthy of a few cheap laughs. Avoid it at all costs!

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Contrived ending keeps L.A. Confidential from greatness, 9 November 1998

L.A. Confidential is a thoroughly entertaining movie with great performances from all - especially the two "unknown" leads. However, it was certainly not the best movie of 1997 (that was The Sweet Hereafter), and it was not as good as some people claimed. It is definitely not another Chinatown. Compare the endings of these two films and you will see the big difference. If L.A. Confidential had not ended in such a contrived, Hollywood fashion, it may have been one of the great films of recent years.