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***1/2 star movie. Great film. One of Robert Redford's overlooked films, 4 January 2001

This movie seems to have a great talent with documentary-style filming. It's so real that it's as if the filmmakers just let the cameras roll while Bill McKay was on a campaign run. However, this is not real. This involves Robert Redford in an overlooked performance as Bill McKay, an idealistic lawyer who runs for Senator of California to upset an old and creaky warhorse Senator named Crocker Jarmon (Who's really a Crock). This film takes you from the beginning when the idea comes about to the time of the debate (Which is one of the great climaxes of the film) to election night, to the results. If only electing a President in this country were this easy. Robert Redford makes his role the best that it could be. Here's a man that goes through so many parades, interviews and handshakes and yet he still has the same ideals that people love, want, and need. This is a great movie and is worth watching (Especially during a time of election). Michael Ritchie's documentary-style filming is exceptionally and tastefully well done and the rest of the cast (Including a few appearances by Melvyn Douglas) shines along with Redford.

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Where in the name of god did this s*** come from?, 13 May 2000

I have never seen such a bad sci-fi movie in my life. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this damages John Travolta's career somehow. His acting, along with Barry Pepper's and Forest Whitaker's (Whitaker's usually a very talented man) is wooden and has no personality at all. Don't even get me started on the plot. This film rips off everything from Star Wars to other films. I think the biggest mistake this movie made (Besides bringing the book to the big screen, which is quite a good book if you take the time to read it) was hiring B-Movie director Roger Christian to take the helm. I guess the rule of thumb here is to never give a B-Movie director to direct what could have been a potentially good movie. Christian, on the other hand has worked with microscopic budgets. Give him an $80 million dollar budget and look what in the crap nebula happened (Sorry, just had to quote from the book there). Besides, this was a man who helped out as a set director with the first Star Wars film (The '77 one) and was a second assistant director on the highly successful first prequel.

I guess what I am trying to say here is: DON'T SEE IT. Literally, as I was walking around the movie theater here at home and saw people going in to see it, I said to myself, "Why do they torture themselves like this?"

Just don't bother. If you want to see a good sci-fi film, just dust off the Star Wars tapes and have a great Saturday night that way.

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One of my all-time favorite films, 22 January 2000

Aside from Arthur and The American President, this movie is one of my all-time favorite films. Neil Simon wrote a perfect script that really brings out the best in this film. After her boyfriend deserts her, Paul McFadden (Played to perfection by Marsha Mason) is devastated and spends the first few minutes crying over it. In the middle of the night, a mysterious stranger comes along and claims that her boyfriend sublet the apartment to him. This stranger is played by Academy-Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss as Elliot Garfield, a struggling actor who is frustrated most of the time over Paula's antics. Let me tell you something. Richard Dreyfuss's Oscar for this film was well-deserved. The way he acted out this role was silly as well as serious. Finally, the last player we have in this film is Paula's daughter Lucy (Quinn Cummings). I have never seen such a impressive performance by a child. Lucy almost seems like she is grown up in this film.

Although it takes a long while before they eventually fall in love, the path the movie takes is enough to keep you smiling.

RENT THIS ONE!! Do not wait. This is a film I highly recommend.

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An extremely enjoyable film, 18 January 2000

I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't send in my comments after I saw this film. This was an extremely enjoyable film. As a fan of Edward G. Robinson, I can say with great enthusiasm that he doesn't disappoint. Bette Davis is up to her smart-as-a-whip self which makes it even more entertaining. Humphrey Bogart puts on a role of a scheming man that makes him look better than he already is.

Near the end, the film started to derail a bit and got a bit pointless, but it was all in good taste. It was also well-directed with Michael Curtiz at the helm. I couldn't imagine anyone else directing this. Boxing fans and movie buffs, see this film immediately. This is one film you will not want to miss.

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A disappointment, 18 January 2000

After seeing Margaret Sullivan and James Stewart hit it off so well in The Shop Around The Corner (A film that is the ultimate in charm), I looked forward to seeing their early film together, The Shopworn Angel. This film was sort of a disappointment for me, even with James Stewart in it (One of my all-time favorite actors).

James Stewart plays a WWI soldier who is sent to New York for basic training. After being nearly run over by well-known actress Daisy Heath (Margaret Sullivan), he asks Daisy to pretend to be his girl just to impress his friends at the camp, but then a real romance forms.

I have one question for this film and that is, what romance? There was little to no chemistry between Stewart and Sullivan that I could see.

Stewart fans, take warning. Watch with caution.

What happened?, 6 November 1999

The first time I saw this, I was with an aviation camp and we went at night to see this. About 45 minutes into the film, I fell asleep and did not wake up until the end credits. It was not out of boredom, but rather the tiredness of flying planes and telling dirty jokes at 1AM (Typical stuff at an aviation camp). Anyway, I gave Saving Private Ryan another try and it still didn't go with me. The action sequences at the beginning were okay, but the flashback technique did not work for me. At about an hour and 35 minutes into the film, my attention span shrunk. This did not really seem like Spielberg at all. The storyline seemed very boring. It was mostly a series of very long fights.

An absolute torturefest, 6 November 1999

Parents, when you take your kids to see this film, be warned. They may enjoy it, but for you it might be a real torturefest. I saw an advance screening of the film and it was pure torture. It starts off with a cartoon short called "Pikachu's vacation" (Although I wouldn't actually call it short because it ran 22 minutes). Then the movie came on which ran about 76 minutes. It involves a pokemon named Mewtwo which wants to take over the world with his biologically engineered super-Pokemon. Parents, be prepared to answer your kids about what DNA is because that term is used heavily throughout the film. Parts of this film seemed like a science documentary. The ending is very corny and the whole movie itself was not worth it at all.

An entertaining film, 17 July 1999

With big summer blockbusters and special effects all around, how could the muppets fit in? The answer is: Very well! In this entertaining film, Gonzo believes that he is a space alien after he receives messages from outer space. This prompts government agent K. Edgar Singer (Jeffrey Tambor) to go after him. What follows is a funny and wild muppet movie that I think little kids will enjoy.

And for you old Muppet alumni, see this film ASAP. I believe it is one you will enjoy. WALDORF AND STATLER RULE!

Another good disaster film, 6 May 1999

This is one of the better disaster films. This time, a 747 in-flight is skyjacked by clever thieves (You will be surprised at who they are) who want the precious art that is on-board the private jet. Everything starts to go wrong, especially when the 747 hits an oil rig and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. What begins is a fight for survival and an astounding rescue mission. Jack Lemmon is the daring pilot this time and he does a mighty fine job at it. There are a couple of other names in this film like Olivia DeHavilland and others.

Go rent this film. It is good for a Saturday night.

Airport (1970)
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One of the great disaster films of all time, 6 May 1999

If you thought your home airport was like this, think again. On a snowy night at Lincoln International Airport, things start to go wrong including annoyed residents that have planes flying over their houses, a stuck 707 jet and a bomb-laden 707 in the air. The acting in this film is incredible. Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin turn in wonderful performances. Although he is on-screen for a fairly short time, Van Heflin does a great job of playing an insane bomber.

Don't miss this one. If you are trying to get used to disaster movies, start with this one.

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