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A must see for a real life encounter with learninig to live as a real person on gods terms., 13 November 1998

As a person with a spinal cord injury and suffering from chronic pain. I know how to deal with life on its terms on a daily basis. living with it is another story. this is it. overcoming all that we believe that we are to learninig who and what we are and our mission in life. If we dare to live with it and accept it.!

this has been a true inspiration to me and many around me. What makes a man go to any length to live? that is the question the non disabled or non S.C.I. victim will have to try to spend the rest of his life learning. And the people that we love will learn with us sometimes even faster for all that they do and understand this is a clear message As The Founder Of Renewed Hope - the Nevada Spinal cord injury support group this and all that Mr Reeves does and is is a true hero and inspiration, a celebration of LIFE