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A Film for the Ages, 22 May 2003

I can't ever forget the first time(s) I saw The Natural. I was a member of the Directors Guild of America and there was a screening at the DGA. I love screenings of films about which I know nothing! And at the time I hadn't read the novel, really didn't know anything about it. I knew Barry Levinson and liked his work, and Randy Newman was, of course, a god. I just wasn't ready for it! Tears were streaming down my face from the beginning. The music would play and the waterworks would commence! It felt organic, not intellectual. It just "was". The only other film where I had that experience was, you guessed it, "Field of Dreams", another screening. When he asked his Dad if they could play a little catch, I lost it. The people I was with got up and slowly moved to other seats. But back to the Natch. I love it when a film subsumes reality, and every time I hear the theme at a "real" ball game, I smile. From time to time I'll put on the DVD to watch a scene, and I invariably end up watching the whole thing! If you haven't seen this film, you simply must!

A flawless film featuring virtuoso performances -- perfection!, 19 December 2002

I know this one is going to be a lightning rod. I can't imagine everyone agreeing on anything about this film. At one point in the story, a character notes that "There has not been a new genre of film since Fellini invented the mockumentary." Of course, that's not quite true. Kaufman and Jonze have given us the "self-referential supersolipsistic snake-devouring-itself" genre. Revel!