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Cogntive dissonance, 26 December 2004

"An oxymoron. An animation of still pictures, with human lips" --not really, it's actually cognitive dissonance: two conflicting cognitive inputs can't be Clutch Cargo's lips. Conan O'Brien must have been haunted by these images from his childhood. It would explain a lot about his sense of humor. It's amazing the stuff that was foisted on Baby Boomers like Clutch Cargo, Gumby and Davey and Goliath. It makes you wonder if the KGB hadn't infiltrated TV and come up with a way to warp our young minds. People think that video games and CG cartoons are bad today just imagine how these low-tech attempts at entertainment warped us...did I mention the Thunderbirds are GO!

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Based on a classic play, 12 February 2003

The plot of this film was lifted directly from Friedrich Durenmatt's play, Der Besuch die Alten Dame (The Visit of the Old Lady). It was an indictment of capitalism by Durenmatt, a radical Swiss socialist. Ironic that someone chose this as the plot device in an obvious attempt to cash in on America's preoccupation with its youth.