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Zus & zo (2001)
A laugh from start to finish.
14 September 2001
This movie was fantastic, I did not know much about it on entering in to see it, all I knew is it was about a family of 3 sisters whose GAY brother, Nino, has decided to marry a woman in order to inherit their childhood summer retreat on the coast of Portugal (and an amazing hotel it is too).

I loved it. The characters are so interesting and so much fun. You had some idea of what was coming, but Paula Van Der Oest manages to throw in various twists along the way that are just priceless. Their mother is excellent, a great performance, and Nino's true love Felix is adorable.

Highly recommended.
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The Dish (2000)
A must for all Australians, indeed all people.
21 September 2000
This was by far the best work from the Working Dog Team that brought us such great works as The Late Show, Funky Squad, Frontline, The Panel and The Castle.

This is an amazingly moving, touching and hilarious movie. The characters are engaging, charming and make you care for them. the direction by Rob Sitch is by far his best work, and Jane Kennedy's casting is perfect. The movie describes the role a small town outside of Sydney Australia (Parkes) had in showing the first steps on the moon. In fact this satellite dish at Parkes was only one of 2 in the word with enough power to pick up the video signal from the moon....the other, just down the road.

This is a must see for ALL Australians, I know as an Australian I had no idea that we were responsible for the world seeing images from the moon, I am sure MANY other Australians, and people over the world don't either. I also know the moon walk has never particularly moved me, but the two times I have seen this movie, the footage makes me cry like nothing else. It is an amazing movie, captivating and charming.
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Bangkok Hilton (1989– )
Bloody Fantastic
3 November 1998
I waited so long to see this mini-series because first time it aired in Australia I was unable to watch it. I was not disappointed at all, everything I thought it would be it was. This is undoubtedly Nicole Kidman's best performance ever. I could do nothing but highly recommend this to anyone.
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