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The mother of all ski movies!, 4 December 1998

Carving the White is packed full of serious skiers and serious action. It's an experience you'll thrill to time and time again! Watch for the incredible scenery and snow at Banff's Sunshine Village in the Canadian Rockies.

Dark Angel (1996) (TV)
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Moody, predictable and not worth your time., 13 November 1998

Don't waste your time on this moody and predictable run of the mill TV detective drama. Even the editing is lousy. Save your $2.50, or rent Slap Shot instead.

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A watchable movie., 29 June 2000

This 3-D horror film, from Earl Owensby Studios, pits the local sheriff (played by Earl Owensby) against a pack of specially bred man-killing Rottweilers.

The U.S. Military has developed a new experimental weapon; Rottweilers who have been specially bred and trained to replace soldiers in gorilla warfare situations. Unfortunately for the residents of Lake Lure (America's Mountain Playground) the dogs have escaped and are killing anyone they come across.

Although dead bodies are turning up left and right Sheriff Hank Willis inexplicably decides not to warn the community, but instead puts together a posse to hunt down the dogs. The dogs are quite easy to kill, as their heads explode whenever they are shot, but finding the dogs before the dogs find their next victim is no easy task. Eventually the truth of the bloody-deaths reveals itself to the population, but common sense in this small resort town is in short supply. Soon only the sheriff is left alive to protect his town and family from the savage killers. Complicating matters further is the presence of Adam Fletcher, the scientist responsible for the creation of the military super-dogs. Fletcher wants to protect his experimental canine subjects, and is willing to fight Willis to save his dogs.

Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell is not the worst film of its kind (Skeeter immediately comes to mind). It is a watchable movie, but I would recommend it to only the most serious of Rottweiler lovers. I rate it a 5 out of 10.

Boring, 2 September 1999

The on-screen relationship between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had little chemistry, and Cruise's portrayal of the handsome, but morally deprived, Dr. Bill Harford builds limited sympathy. Other than for the naked beauty of Nicole Kidman, I can find no reason to recommend this slow moving film to anyone.

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My children have never grown tired of this movie., 18 January 1999

This is a great family movie! My children, aged 4-8, love it and it has become one of my all time favorite live action family films. I have enjoyed watching it many times and it is a welcomed addition to our family video library. The drums beats never fail to get me in the mood for George.

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Part of the PBS tradition., 12 November 1998

"Great Performances" is the longest running performing arts anthology on television. It is part of the PBS tradition of bringing the arts to viewers free of charge.

If you find murder funny, then you should enjoy this light hearted black comedy., 22 November 1998

A good showcase for John Cusack, who portrays a hitman who is ready for a career change. But the unpredictable Dan Aykroyd wants Cusack to join his up-start union for hitmen and won't take no for an answer. If you find murder funny, then you should enjoy this light hearted black comedy.

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Shot on location at Sunshine Village, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 23 November 1998

The story of a former ski-ier who must learn to live again after losing his arm and leg in the war. Shot on location in the spectaular scenery of Sunshine Village at Banff, Alberta, Canada.

McVicar (1980)
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True stroy of working class man who goes to jail., 2 November 1998

An excellent movie which features Roger Daltry in the title role. Watch for the wonderful performance by Matthew Scurfield as "Streaky Jeffries'.

Novocaine (2001)
Not a Comedy, 28 May 2002

Do not rent Novocaine if you are hoping to enjoy a typical Steve Martin comedy. This film is NOT a comedy. It is an average to good, lightweight Crime Thriller. If you expect anything more from this movie you will be disappointed.

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