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Why Does Steve Want Jamie when he could have had SANDRA?, 2 January 1999

A good movie for its day, usual slow motion 60 mph running, Sandra is fab with long black her, whoopping Steve Austin Ass.

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Love In A Bottle, 2 January 1999

Need Success with dating then this film is just an idea on one of the ways of getting one, with a love potion. A fair comedy with some mishaps along the way, Sandra does her usual superb acting, the best bit is when Sandra gets into a wedding dress, Fhourr!!!

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Sexy Sandra in torn Jeans, 2 January 1999

A powerful and intimate look at success, friendship and sex in the 90's, 3 girls and two boys living together in an up market LA house, you see into their lives as a fly on the wall sort of film. MJ uses her looks and charm to manipulates everybody, even her house mates. but happens when the party's over?? Not one of Sandra Better films, but you have to start somewhere!.

The Net (1995)
The Movie that put me on the NET, 2 January 1999

A movie about a freelance computer systems analyst who's identity get's erased from the system, as Angela Bennett [Sandra Bullock] stumbles on conspiracy and corruption while de-bugging a game for a software company she works for. She then has to find how to get her identity back, in chases, fights and computer hacking. Sandra is excellent of course.

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Sandra Tied to a tree in her underwear !, 2 January 1999

A very powerful film with Sandra playing daddy's little rich girl solicitor, when Mathew Mc needs help defending Samuel L Jackson in a murder trial, after he shot the guy's who brutally assaulted his 10 year old little girl to near death. Sandra is in one of her best roles [I say where was the Oscar!]to date, a MUST to see.

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Romantic Comedy at its best, 2 January 1999

Roz [Sandra Bullock] Has hooked up with Frank [Dennis Leary, a small time crook who is always looking for that big job to retire on] who is fed up with him not treating her as a lady, she reluctantly ends up in this little coastal town to do a deal with the stolen painting on their last job, where they try to fit in among the residents living there, when Roz finds how the other half live and likes it, she also finds a love.

A very funny romantic comedy, look out for the scene Sandra's getting changed, and on the bed with Dennis.

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Excellent View of Sandra in a Wedding Dress !!!, 23 December 1998

A movie about a potion that when taken makes the opposite sex want you, A good comedy for most, Sandra of course is just superb, and that wedding dress well rent the film and see!.