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Punchline (1988)
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A True Actors Drama, 1 November 2005

My father is a stand-up comic, and all I can say is that this film above most others shows comedians for what they truly are. Comedy is truly based out of pain, and the two main characters truly have a great deal of pain in their lives. All the actors give their performances more than two dimensions, and are truthful in what they are dong at all times. If your looking for a laugh out loud comedy, than you'll be greatly disappointed, this film is really about he drama of the life of people who are trying to make it in the entertainment business. As a closing statement, i have heard many comics who were around at the time of this picture say that Tom Hanks was one of the greatest comics that they had seen, and if he had not caught the acting bug first, that he would have been a great comic.

Mulan (1998)
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Magnificent!, 21 April 1999

Truly one of the Disney greats! The first time I saw the Mulan movie I thought it was truly horrible. After a few months I had a chance to watch it again. What was I saying Before!!!?? The movie has some of the best characters and songs ever in a Disney movie! Eddie Murphy Was a little corny but other than that the movie blew me away!

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This movie is the greatest ever!, 30 October 1998

This movie is the best ever made. It has comedy, suspense, drama and murder. A awesome dialogue without too much swearing. Also the best cast you can ask for. Nicholson is the best actor to date! All in all the movie is the best!!

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A good yet forgettable movie, 30 October 1998

The Black Cauldron is about a young boy who must look after his magical pig. He loses it and must stop the black cauldron's evil. Like my summary, this movie has many plot holes. One of the more violent of the Disney movies, The Black Cauldron is a terrific yet forgettable movie. It just can't stand against The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, which is sad because it is truly a work of art.