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This Matrix Fan Loved it, 15 May 2003

Where or where to start? I can sum it up and say..4 nothing to wait for a film as beautiful as this.

I did not mind the philosiphy as I did not mind it in the first film. The story was a little big confusing but not by much, a second viewing should fix that just fine, which i do decide to do within the next few days.

The action was top notch and once again sets standards. Thou I do belive the beginning scene could have used a little bit more ooomphh, but there was reasoning behind it. Did I find the movie to move at a slow pace from the start ? The answer to this question is no. I enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite scene was not the car chase but the neo vs. smiths. I love the smiths. It is nice to see the Oracle on screen. It makes me realize what a nice lady she is and she will be missed.

Now I can't say that this film is better than the first because without the first we would have not had the chance to see this one, so I must pay respect where respect is due.

And as for the ending. I thought it was a fabulous was for the movie to end. I loved it. If I must wait till November to see the end. I do no have a problem with it.



It was ok, a good try., 11 July 2001

I have been waiting for this movie since i saw the very first trailer. And i waited and waited for it to be release and now it is here. I will say that the animation is the best of the genre, plot was pretty interesting, but the dialouge was kind of a pain to listen too. And i walked out thinking to myself, should i look forward to the other movies i've been waiting for , will they be like the let down this was. Well one good thing came out of all of this and that was that i got too see the "SPIDER MAN" trailer. Final Fantasy comes out as a Final Number 5.

Screwed (2000)
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"Screwed", 15 May 2000

This movie was laugh out loud funny. Norman Macdonald was great along with Danny Devito. This is the Best comedy of the year so far. If you like Norman Macdonald or SNL. Check this out it is funny. Don't listen to what the screen says a 6 out of 10. its better than than its an 8 out of 10.

A teen movie for the 90's!!, 21 October 1999

Unlike many other teen films realesed lately this one has the comedy, teen love, and everything to make you get all mushy and wanna grab a girl and start dancin...Many movies such as Can't hardly wait, Shes all that, and many others have been released but they don't compare to this one. If you havn't seen it see it. Especially if your love life is edgey. 10 out of 10.

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Excellent!, 8 October 1999

O.k, i can take a guess why everyone thinks this movie is a sad excuse for sci-fi. Its becouse it doesn't have the BIG SPECIAL EFFECTS. This movie is interesting and worth seeing. Don't be bummed becouse the vote total is see it..then YOU vote. 10 out of 10.

Toys (1992)
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ENJOYABLE, 5 October 1999

This is a mix between willy wonkas chocalate factory and wizard of oz for the 90's. This movie was enjoyable from start to finish. its a little odd but thats ok. Robin williams is great along with ll cool j. 10 out of 10.!!

Lost & Found (1999/I)
Laughed till i cried, 5 October 1999

This movie is one of the FUNNIEST movies i have seen in a long time i laughed from start till finish. The attempt to sing like neil diamond was the best part. If you haven't seen it you need to. 10 out of 10.

Big Daddy (1999)
Who's your daddy??, 1 July 1999

Three cheers for BIG DADDY. The BIGGEST daddy since STEVE MARTIN. This movie was funny and light-hearted, something different from Adam Sandler. Anyway, this movie surprised me. I hated WATERBOY. But LOVED this because it's much better. A couple words of advice. DON'T FORGET THE NEWSPAPER.

Who you gonna call?, 1 July 1999

I tell you i'll give a call to the video store any day to rent this film. It has everything you need from action to Zippers. Bill murray's greatest role. Special Effects are something to ROMP about. I've been SLIMED and loved it ever since.

The Matrix (1999)
Best movie EVER!!!, 6 April 1999

I'll start by saying what I think of this film. I loved it, it was exactlly what I expected from a sci-fi action film..unlike many other recently released for example...The soldier, which stared Kurt Russel..but The SOLDIER wasn't that bad...back to THE MATRIX...the special effects were great, and so were the actors..

Now this is what I liked about the special effects from the movie..I loved the stop scenes in midair...and the monsters that attacked the ship(which I would have seen more of them).

The actors were great. Reeves was the best in this film..and Fishbourne with this film might have moved him self up on the best actor charts..And the movie also had a load of many other talented actors.

And thats why I call THE MATRIX the best movie EVER. I gave this movie a 10.

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