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Pure Adrenaline, 21 February 1999

This is a film that can be enjoyed only by those viewers who accept it for what it is: a quick, no-nonsense Shoot-Em-Up.

The plot is straightforward and thin. The characters are cliches (the heroic assassin, the hard-boiled cop, the smarmy street girl). This film does not even pretend to be about plot or character, however.

What this film offers -- and delivers, in spades -- is adrenaline-pumping action with stylish direction. With a running time of approximately 90 minutes, it is brief and to the point. The action sequences are frequent and well-paced. Meanwhile, Fuqua's direction turns typical gun-blazing sequences into works of art.

For the most part, the film serves as a showcase for Chow-Yun Fat's style and grace (I presume that he's a trained dancer). He's the type of performer who plays essentially the same character each time he's on screen, and that character is an Asian James Bond.

Our hero receives ample back-up from our heroine. Anything that Mira Sorvino does tends to be fine with me for the simple reason that it's Mira Sorvino doing it. In this case, she proves herself capable in a role that requires running and jumping rather than acting.

The greatest flaw in this one is its inclusion of typical action-movie problems ('professional killers' who can't seem to hit a barn door, submachine guns that don't run out of rounds). Such mistakes, however, are fewer and further between than in a typical Hollywood action flick.

If you can handle action served straight up, don't miss "The Replacement Killers."

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007's Problem Child, 28 October 1998

If 60's pop culture interests you, this film is certainly worth seeing.

If you (like myself) are a complete-ist Bond fan, you'll want to endure it.

Otherwise, don't waste your time.

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Action and comedy in a military setting, 28 October 1998

This is an enjoyable, if somewhat cartoonish, adventure. Eastwood plays Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway, a career United States Marine who won the Medal of Honor at Heartbreak Ridge in Korea. As he approaches retirement, Gunny Highway takes on the task of transforming a bunch of misfits into a tough Reconnaissance Platoon in time for the 1983 invasion of Granada. The film is uneven, with some moments that are brilliant and others that are embarrassingly bad. The film does not contain an accurate portrayal of Marine Recon, but it does deliver excitement and a good dose of humor. Besides, Clint Eastwood as a salty old Gunny is something that had to happen!

Excellent war movie, 28 October 1998

This film is immensely popular among United States Marines. This is perhaps ironic, considering the negative light in which Mr. Kubrick appears to portray us (if he was criticizing the USMC, that fact is lost on many jarheads). R. Lee Ermy's portrayal of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman is one of the most memorable performances in movie history, and includes one of the cinema's immortal lines: "What is your major malfunction?!" The film becomes substantially less interesting when the setting moves to Vietnam. Nevertheless, some intense combat sequences make the film more than worth watching to the end. Overall, "Full Metal Jacket" is another Kubrick jem.