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Doc Elliot: And All Ye Need to Know (1973)
Season 1, Episode 1
This Is True Love !
9 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with the previous reviewer 100 % ! This is the most touching piece of drama I have ever seen in the entire history of television, and I was born the year that television came into existence, when I say I've seen it all, I 've seen it all !

I would just like to add a little more of the plot....Jenny was born blind, and had no relatives other than her parents. So when her parents died, they asked this man ( " the toad " ) to marry her so that there would be someone to take care of her. There were no blind schools in Appalacia, no foster homes. So when Doc Elliot informed the couple that her blindness was due to cataracts and could be removed by surgery, her husband was terrified. Even though he was a rube, he was smart enough to know that she probably would leave when she saw him. But he really did love her and wanted what was best for her, so he consented to the operation.

I will never forget the final scene, when she returns home from the hospital and faces him for the first time. When he finally gets the courage to come before her, we the viewers are holding our breath.....Jenny sees him, then closes her eyes, comes close to him and feels his face with her hands like she used to when she was blind...then a smile spreads over her face, and she says with happiness, " you haven't changed " ! ! Then they fall into each others arms hugging and kissing. It was the greatest piece of acting I've ever seen, and if I ever meet Mills Watson or Meredith Baxter at a Nostalgia Convention, I am going to tell them so.
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Gravity (2013)
No Beginning, No Ending
23 February 2014
I agree with another reviewer who said Gravity is "visually stunning"...especially in 3-D, the outer space scenery is just beautiful.

However, to me and my two friends who sat through this, plot-wise, it was boring and frustrating. There are only two characters, Sandra and George, and all they do is float around, drifting, drifting, drifting. I only know that George's character is a veteran astronaut " in command of his last flight before retiring", from reading this on IMDb...I do not KNOW THIS from seeing the movie, because the movie EXPLAINS NOTHING !! I also know that Sandra is a medical engineer " on her first ever space mission " only from reading IMDb, not FROM SEEING THE MOVIE, because the movie explains nothing ! The 90 minutes that we saw, was great for a middle of a movie, but there was no beginning and no ending. We wanted to see Sandra and George at home first, or at the space center, to learn who they are and what they will be doing in space. And at the end, we wanted to see a rescue party save Sandra and see her home...we wanted a resolution.

I only recommend this movie to people who are big fans of either Sandra Bullock or George Clooney.
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Party Girl Lives To Regret It
29 December 2013
Temple Drake is a flamboyant flirt who likes to lead men on, and then say " NO " ! She is the grand-daughter of a prominent judge, so this kind of behavior is scandalous, for the times. An attorney in her grandfather's court is in love with her, and she says she's been in love with him since childhood, but she loves the life of a Party Girl more. One night she leaves a party with a drunk guy who drives too fast and crashes the car. They are found by Trigger, a lowlife bootlegger, which is the least of his crimes...he is also a rapist and murderer, as Temple will soon find out. She and the drunk driver are invited into a house, with a motley group of Trigger's cohorts. The Drunk Driver is happy to accept the invitation, as he wants another drink...but Temple insists she'll wait outside, as she senses trouble. Eventually, she is forced inside, as it starts to thunderstorm, as it does in all those creepy old Boris Karloff movies. Temple is witness to repulsive deeds by this Trigger, including the murder of a young boy who was trying to help Temple. He arranges for an innocent man to go on trial for the murder, and the trial attorney is the one in love with Temple. Temple is afraid to take the witness stand, because the scandal of her being involved with these criminals would be too hard on her Grandfather.....can the attorney who loves her convince her to take the stand, free an innocent man and get the true heinous criminal off the streets ?? Will she do it ? ! Buy the DVD and see !
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Beautiful Singing, Awful Acting
8 June 2010
I completely agree with previous reviewer Don Miller. I just saw this film on the Encore Western Channel, and was laughing at how shoddy and hokey it was. I was curious to see Eddie Dean, because I 've always heard the name but never actually saw him. Well, my curiosity has been satisfied. He's not much to look at, extremely skinny like Barney Fife, and his acting is extremely amateurish. But, he's got two things going for him: 1) he has a beautiful singing voice, and 2) a beautiful horse. And now for the story....he plays an Indian agent who finds an orphaned Indian boy, appearing to be no more than 5 years old. He dresses him in Cowboy clothes, cuts his hair with a bowl, and plans on adopting him. All the characters fall in love with the boy, as do we. Eddie gets him a tiny pony to ride, and he dazzles us with his riding rodeo tricks. He seems to have no problem losing his parents and adapting to the white man's ways. And then, it all comes to a screeching halt when the outlaw shoots this lovable child in the back. I couldn't believe, that in a hokey, light-hearted musical, they would show the murder of a tiny child in this horrible way. So if Encore shows this again and you decide to give it a try, remember you've been warned.
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Miss America Shares Her Story
3 December 2009
This was a made-for-TV movie starring 1992 Miss America Carolyn Sapp playing herself, as she tells the story of the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her tough football player boyfriend.

It was courageous of her to do this, as it was not common back then for celebrities to reveal sordid details of their personal lives, as it is today.

However, I have to report, that Miss Sapp is the worst actress in the world, even playing herself ! The director must have been tearing his hair out, trying to get a decent line reading out of her. She sounded like a first grader reading out of a Dick, Jane, and Sally book.

An interesting aspect of this film is seeing how the pageant works. But I found it unrealistic, that in the story they show all the pageant officials slobbering over Miss Sapp, as if she were the most magnificent contestant ever in the whole history of the Pageant. Well, she was not any more beautiful than the other winners, and without the makeup and gowns, she was not glamorous looking at all.

It is not surprising that this telemovie was never shown on TV again, nor is it available on video or DVD.
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Three's Company: Secret Admirer (1980)
Season 4, Episode 23
A Poignant Episode
4 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is the most touching and poignant episode of the entire series. It guest stars Barry Gordon, a former child star who I recently saw on an episode of " Leave it to Beaver " as a little friend of Beaver's whom they discover is from a troubled family, also a very poignant episode. Here he plays the "Secret Admirer" of Chrissy's, who has been sending her flowers and gifts. The three roommates are titillated by this, and go through great measures to discover who the admirer is. Of course it is assumed that he will be a handsome dashing prince. When he finally shows up at their door, answered by Jack and Janet, they discover a shy, Woody Allen-nebbish kind of guy. They think Chrissy will be devastated and take pains to hide him from her. But to their surprise, they hit it off well, and Chrissy is not only kind to him, but informs Jack & Janet that she has enjoyed talking to him very much and is glad they will be friends. Turns out, he is the guy at the newspaper stand in the lobby of the building where Chrissy works, and has always admired how sweet and kind she is when he sees her coming to work. The episode ends with Jack telling Chrissy how beautiful she is, on the inside. I agreed, and looked at Chrissy differently after seeing this episode.
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You Call This A Holiday ? ! ?
29 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
While purchasing another Deanna Durbin movie on DVD at Amazon, I saw this title and it peaked my curiosity. I wondered why, with two such great stars as Gene Kelly and Deanna Durbin, I had never heard of this movie before. So I ordered it...I watched it....and now I know why I 've never heard of it before. It is terrible. It is the worst performance ever, in the careers of both Gene and Deanna. And, as other reviewers have said, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Christmas...nor is it a musical. Gene doesn't dance a single step, and the only time Deanna sings is when she is expressing undying passionate love for this vicious, psychopathic murderer she is married to.

In the opening scene, we are introduced to two military men having a conversation about the upcoming nuptials of one of them. We grow to like these two men, and I felt cheated, because one of them we never see again, and the other, the engaged one, merely serves for the rest of the movie as a body for Deanna to tell her story to. In this scene we learn that he is taking military leave to visit his fiancé, when he receives a "Dear John" letter saying she has married someone else. He is devastated, and plans to go back home anyway to confront her. Due to bad weather, the plan has to stop in New Orleans, where he meets Deanna in a sleazy night club. The proprietor is the enchanting Gladys George. Deanna tells him (and us) how she met Gene...they were sitting next to each other at a symphony concert. She was captivated by his shy, "aw shucks" demeanor. They married and moved in with his very strange mother, played by Gale Sondergard, who horror movie fans will know very well. Gene and Gale are the creepiest mother & son team since Sante and Kenneth Kimes.

The are blissfully married for 6 months. All of a sudden, he starts displaying signs of criminal behavior, and starts abusing Deanna...but still she stands by him! Before you know it, the police come looking for him, and he is on trial for murder. Deanna and Mom sit together in the courtroom, and when the guilty verdict is read, Mom turns to Deanna, slaps her in the face and declares her responsible for sonny going to jail. Needless to say, she kicks her out of the house.

Now Deanna has to find work, so she gets a job singing at Gladys George's sleazy nightclub. Eventually, Gene escapes from prison and hides out in the nightclub to kill Deanna, because he assumes since she's working there, that she must be sleeping with all the patrons. The unbelievable part of this plot, is that when she sees him hiding in the back room, she runs to him with open arms, ready to run off with him ! I really hate to make you watch this to find out the ending, but we're not allowed to give "spoilers"....

You know, I always believed that even the greatest of stars made some clinkers in their careers that we never see....and this film is proof!
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Georgy Girl (1966)
One Of The Silliest Movies In Silly Movie History
19 October 2003
I was a teenager in the 60's so I love films from that era, I am a huge Fan of Lynn Redgrave, and grew up hearing the " Georgy Girl " it is amazing that for some reason I never saw the movie, until last night on TNT Movie Classics hosted by Robert Osborne. From Osborne's description of her in his opening narration, I expected her to be the shyest, frumpiest and fattest girl on the planet. Well, that is NOT the case ! She wasn't shy at all, in fact, she was friendly, vivacious, and had a great sense of humor, which is probably the reason why James Mason 's character was attracted to her. And as for her looks, granted she was not as glamorous as her roommate Charlotte Rampling (but who is ??), but she was NOT fat, they just gave her a plain hairdo and dressed her in baggy clothes.

Well, I say this film is silly because certain things just didn't make sense to me. For example, Georgie's roommate Meredith (Charlotte Rampling), is the meanest, nastiest, most selfish character I have ever seen, who refers to her own baby as "it" and "that" I absolutely cannot comprehend why Georgie is SO DEVOTED TO HER ! !

So devoted, that I thought they were sisters at first, and was shocked to find out they were only roommates. If my roommate treated me the way she treated Georgie, she and her baggage would be thrown out the window. Also, James Mason's character claims to be 49 years old, but he looks 69. And I don't know why everyone is so impressed with Alan Bates, he acted in this movie like a low-budget porno star.
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Gunshy (1998)
13 August 2002
I found this direct-to-video disaster on the "bargain bin" table at my local video shop, used former rental for $3.00...and it wasn't worth it. I was attracted to the cover because I am a huge William Petersen fan, not only because of " CSI ", but because I saw him in person on stage in NYC a few years and he was fantastic ! But his talent is wasted here....the acting, not only his, but everyone's, is so bad, so corny, so melodramatic, so over-the-top, that it looked and sounded like the " Saturday Night Live " cast doing a spoof of 50's gangster movies ! And I couldn't believe Diane Lane's character....she was a is extremely unbelievabe and unrealistic that a NURSE, trained to heal the sick and care for people, would be in love with and live with a gangster who beats people and cuts off their toes with hedgeclippers...I certainly would not want her nursing me...I thought of selling this on Ebay, but I 'd feel guilty ...I 'll just throw it out.
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Keep Them Shut! Don't Open...EVER ! !
1 July 2002
I agree with every single word of prior reviewer " TKARSJEN2" of fact, I would go so far as to say he/she was being KIND !

What more can I add, except that this so-called film is ATROCIOUS ! !

I 'm sure all the guys went to see it in hopes of seeing Nicole nude....which you do, but believe me, it is done in a very unflattering, unappealing the opening, the couple is getting ready for a party, and the camera shows Nicole rising from the we really have to see Nicole on the can ??? Not a pretty sight, not even for her.

And the sub-plots were so stupid...when Tom goes to a costume shop to rent something for the sex club, we witness a scene of the shop owner angry at some old men ogling his daughter, really yelling at them as any father would....then later, when he returns the costume, we see that she's prostituting herself to them with the father as her pimp...(wow, Dad had quite a change of heart)

There was only one amusing scene in the whole thing...Tom goes to a hotel to get some info from the desk clerk, whose back is to him when he enters....the gay clerk is played by Alan Cumming, the stage actor who played Joel Grey's role in Cabaret on Broadway...and the look on his face, when he finally turns around and gets an EYEFUL of TOM, is Hilarious ! ! But this is only one moment, and not worth having to suffer through the rest of this God-Awful thing.
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