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I thought it would never end, 7 February 1999

Could this movie have been any slower moving than it was? What a waste of time. The stars had absolutely no chemistry between them.

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Fiennes was awesome, 30 January 1999

I usually think Paltrow steals any movie she is in (and she was very good here) but Fiennes absolutely outshone everyone else. It is a great movie. My girlfriend who was reluctant to go liked it as much as I did and seemed pleasantly surprised.

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LAME, 10 January 1999

Yuk. Bette Middler must be desperate. I can't think of any other reason why she would get involved with such a pathetic script. How does garbage like this get made?

Inventive and Fresh, 15 December 1998

I enjoyed this movie. It was very original and made me think about life's little events and choices and how they can make a big, big difference in where we end up. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Much better than so many of the blockbusters we are being force fed these days.

Twister (1996)
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Yuk, 29 November 1998

If I were the tornado I'd be embarrassed to star in this mess.

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HATED IT!, 6 November 1998

Not only was this movie not what it was advertised to be (too bad movie goers can't sue for false advertising) but it was the worst movie I've seen in a long time...a total waste of money. The editing was terrible, the story was chaotic and uneven, the romance had zero chemistry (I couldn't believe the characters even LIKED each other...let alone loved each other), the witchcraft was stupid and disgusting (I almost walked out after the bird scene)...and worst of all it was boring. Was there a writer? It looked like it was pasted together with no forethought or planning. It makes Dumb and Dumber look like a work of art! What a mess!

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Enjoyed it, 28 October 1998

I grew up in Eugene and saw almost every race Pre ever ran. He was a crowd hero. There were always two races...the one Pre ran and the one, way back, that the rest of the runners ran. There was nobody like him. He was talented, cocky and had so much charisma. He really was outspoken in the press and took no guff from the AAU. He was the best thing that ever happened to track. Seeing the movie was like deja vu. It was a really well done recreation of what it was like to be at Hayward Field during his races. I went to the memorial service at Hayward Field and saw Frank Shorter and Bill Bowerman speak. This movie certainly made me reflect back!